Yelp Reviewer Bonnie Says:


This is a wonderful little Italian restaurant tucked away in a place you would not normally look.  They used to be located in the same center but in a different location...I have to say I liked the old place better...not the food-it's excellent - the decor.  

The old location had a cozier old world feel to it, which was a big part of the total picture.  The new place is a bit more  "industrial" . Still some wonderful Romanesque classic paintings and etched glass, but not as cozy.

That being said the food is just delicious .  For openers they make a
Bruschetta that is to die for...also the Gambretti Livornese , shrimp in olive oil and favorite entree' here is the Linguini con Vongole (Linguini and clams) and my meat eater dining partner (usually) swears by the Filetto al Pepe (Filet Mignon sauteed in brandy with cream, shallots, mushroom and peppercorns)

The have a full bar for cocktails and the wine list is extensive

Eat, Drink, ENJOY!!!!