I-CARE, Inc. Heart “She was an outstanding aide. Personable and knew exactly what to do and what not to do. I am very fond of her.” --- Mrs. F. ... Annandale, VA.


I-CARE,  Inc. Heart “I was very impressed with the co-owner of I-CARE because she came out to my home and asked about my needs and desires for a CNA – and no other agency had done that before. I-CARE found a CNA that was perfectly compatible.” --- J.B. ... Herndon, VA.


I-CARE,  Inc. Heart “We needed service on a weekend and most agencies do not begin service on the weekends. We were so thankful and appreciative to find you and your friendly efficient and professional services on Sat. You all are great! --- D.K. ... Woodbridge, VA.


I-CARE,  Inc. Heart “Mrs. P. thinks her new PT is GREAT! Some of words: "right connection", "right idea of what I need", "I could not be happier [with her]", feels the PT understands her goals, is confident, able to help, is flexible with scheduling, etc. THANK YOU!!!!! --- Mrs. P. ... Referral Source


I-CARE,  Inc. Heart “Thank you for handling this and the excellent physical therapy care my husband has been receiving. We were pleased that after Ms. G.s evaluation yesterday, he could continue a new session of treatment which began today." With thanks, --- B. & B.P. ... Fairfax, VA.