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Home Renovation and Remodeling Services for Northern Virginia

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At Sun Design, we care about the people we serve and the vision they are trying to create. Our team is dedicated to inventing a personal and distinct home renovation, remodel or addition to your home. We believe and value honesty and open communication with our clients and a part of this translates through our attention to detail that is shown in our work. We enjoy creating and constructing the dream home that you’ve always wanted to live in.

Whether it is a bathroom in a master suite, a new kitchen, sunroom or renovating the downstairs basement into a fun and personalized area, we incorporate a variety of techniques such as open floor plans and utilizing the natural light to help create a flow between the inside and outside of your home. Each and every house is different; however we take these differences and work with you to create unique, innovative and customized rooms to change your house into your home.

Our renovations are highly attributed to the hard work and dedicated time that our employees put into each project. We value our employees’ talents and abilities, allowing us to show our appreciation to them and providing them an excellent working environment. Working with Sun Design isn’t just working with someone who gets the job done, it’s working with a team that genuinely cares, values your concerns, wants your opinions and isn’t afraid to answer questions honestly. We take the time to get to know you and your vision to ensure your renovations, remodeling or addition exceeds your expectations and provides the “wow” effect every time you have guests to your home.



Northern VA Home Remodeling


Sun Design Home Remodeling Specialists, Inc

A tradition of exquisite design, expert Northern VA home remodeling and enduring relationships.

At Sun Design, understanding the inherent beauty of natural light is at the heart of what we do, and has been since the company was founded over two decades ago. We apply years of experience to every home renovation project, creating unique, personal solutions for every client. Whether you desire a comfortable spot to enjoy the Sunday paper, or a grand space to entertain in, we are steadfast in our dedication to bring your vision to reality.


Listening to Our Clients is the Key to a Perfect Home Renovation

management teamYet, of all the remodeling projects and all the prestigious awards, our greatest source of pride is the continued satisfaction of our clients. There is nothing more important than meeting – and exceeding – our clients’ expectations. So we take the time to listen to our clients, and communicate with them honestly and thoroughly from beginning to end to create renovation plans and spaces that dramatically enhance the quality of their lives.

Our Passion is Seen Through Our Quality Home Remodeling

Our passion for quality remodeling shows in every project, from a multi-level home addition to a completely redesigned master suite. Our renovation designers and production team utilize the latest materials, technology, and techniques, enabling us to deliver the best results to every client.

So rest assured that when you invite us to complete your Northern Virginia home renovation that you will get the highest quality workmanship and the opportunity to see the space you envisioned built right before your eyes.



Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodeling

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As the heart of your home, your kitchen should be designed and customized to you in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing as well functional for your daily life. At Sun Design, we know the value and importance of creating a kitchen that will match your vision and display your unique creativity. We work with you to establish the design you want to achieve, as well as focus on matching your kitchen to the stylization of your home and the guests you want to impress and entertain.

Your kitchen is very easily one of the most used spaces of your home, ranging from family meals to entertainment or a just a natural gathering place and it should reflect the vibrancy of you as an individual and of your home. We work with you to renovate, remodel and customize your kitchen to your specifications and needs that will turn your current kitchen into your dream cooking world.

Our expertise in remodeling will reflect your vision and address your concerns to create your unique kitchen masterpiece. Whether you are looking for something more sleek and modern, country chic or family centric, we work with you to create the perfect area for all your cooking, entertaining and sociable needs. We combine your vision with our design and incorporate a plan that utilizes your space, such as storage, organization and workspace, with captivating views, beautiful details or even the proper flow of moving walls. We want to help you create the perfect kitchen.




Northern Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Sun Design Team

The bathrooms in your home can provide an array of different needs and requirements. Regardless if it is a bathroom intended for guests only, a spa retreat or the place you just run around in the morning trying to get ready for work on time, designing the essentials that combine beautiful, functional and customized to a bathroom, can create a peace of mind every time you enter it.

Ideally your bathroom should be customized to your needs and improve in areas that may be lacking these requirements, such as larger projects like additional storage, glass shower doors or an oversized soaking tub, to smaller projects, such as upgraded light fixtures and hardware. At Sun Design, we want the focus to be on your needs and requirements as well as to explore the options and benefits of different bath options.

Your bathroom should reflect your personality and your needs as well as incorporate the feel of your home to make it truly your own. With so many bath avenues to choose from, the options are limitless to create your own personalized vision that not only suites your needs but is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We are accustomed to renovating bathrooms in variety of styles such as simple elegance to posh powder rooms. We enjoy working with you to create clever ways for practicality like mirrors and vanities with hidden storage.

At Sun Design, we always design your bathroom with the most creative ideas and incorporate the finest materials to make your vision enjoyable every time you enter your bath.


Northern Virginia Home Additions

Sun Design Team

When making a decision to create an addition to your home, whether it is a spa retreat, adding a dining space or just a bright sunroom to enjoy your morning coffee on, Sun Design understands the choices and considerations that you have thought through to make this choice. We work with you on how you want to extend your home, focusing on key aspects that are important in the construction and design plus we place emphasis on capturing the style and charm of the original structure. We want to ensure that your vision and addition incorporate the look and feel that will be specialized and custom to you while transforming your home.

Sun Design addition projects range from both interior and outdoor areas. With our interior projects, such as a living room, master suite or sunroom, we focus on using natural light and aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, we listen to what your vision is trying to convey and create a design that will be an addition to your home and to your lifestyle.

We extend the same ideas of interior additions to creating our outdoor additions. At Sun Design, we focus on the best use of the environment and lay out a design that isn’t just an outdoor area but an extension of your home, an outdoor living room. We focus and bring together all the beautiful aspects of your property to make it as enjoyable and relaxing of a place to spend your time in.

Our success to creating additions to your home is through creating a process that is well planned, having open communication and expertly executing your design.