In our professional service category we are the best. Our Tax and Accounting practice was established in Encinitas California with a team that is driven to help our clients succeed in areas of accounting, tax, representation, bookkeeping, estate planning and consulting in many other financial areas.

We will do whatever it takes - with truth, honor, integrity and absolute loyalty to our clients - to bring them the least legal tax obligation, with increased net income and net worth, directly attributable to our analysis and recommendations. If followed that is three to five times greater than our professional fees.
Our purpose is to maintain the highest quality standards of professional performance by which we want ourselves and our colleagues to be acknowledged and recognized by the public and government.
Our goal is to be the best, ask enough questions, gather enough documents and information to be able to prepare and deliver tax returns which are true correct and complete under the penalty of perjury, in full voluntary compliance with applicable tax code laws as passed by congress interpreted by the courts regardless of IRS opinion & provide to our client every legal tax reduction possible. We serve clients from individuals to large companies.
Our office is based in Encinitas, California, but serves clients from all over the United States. Our unique methods and approach to accounting has allowed us to lead the way in consulting in our  firm. We are assertive, respectful and aggressive when it comes to dealing with the State, IRS and other agencies.
Our disclosures to these agencies insures our clients that they will not be audited. Our firm has been successful in all areas of audit cases and representing our clients from payroll tax ,sales tax, federal and state tax issues. We never charge large retainers up front. We are committed to completing work and you paying for results. Forward Financial Group of Encinitas, California provides your company an opportunity and partnership that will be promising.
We provide free consultation and free phone calls to all clients in our  firm. We strive to keep our client/partners informed and current with all new tax laws and accounting methods.