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The Many Benefits of Working with Paul Stewart Caso Landscaping, LLC

You will save hundreds or even thousands when you work with this established,
reputable, experienced firm that looks out for your best interests.

The entire PSC Landscaping team prides itself on the long-term relationships we have built with
our clients. These clients understand that we are a far cry from 'your lawn guy,' and appreciate
the value we provide. We have done this by acting in their best interests without exception for
15 years! You'll benefit from our experience and education in this ever-changing industry. We
invite you to see this first-hand in your next outdoor project.


Look no further. Paul and Kevin's diverse backgrounds allow PSC Landscaping to formulate sensible solutions for all your outdoor needs...

The scope of services has grown with the business, allowing PSC Landscaping to successfully provide solutions to a diverse, long list of client needs. Today, the company is
well established and sized appropriately for that one-on-one customer experience. Owners Paul S. Caso and Kevin Havey both bring
a unique focus and expertise to the table. The fact that PSC Landscaping has been around for more than 15 years, and has kept overhead low, allows the firm to efficiently
provide excellent quality and service at very competitive prices.

There is as big reason why PSC Landscaping is the most referred company by the area's leading home improvement suppliers and garden centers.

For PSC, genuine customer service equals value, honesty, quality and service. With an improved standing in the community, they often invite perspective clients to ask themselves
where they learned about PSC Landscaping and why they referred them over so many competitors in the area. Walk into some of the area's most reputable suppliers, such as
Agriventures Agway, Rings End Lumber (Wilton and Bethel Locations), or Gault Stone in Bethel and ask for the name of a good landscaper, fence installer, or mason and do not
be surprised when they give you PSC's card.

The secret to PSC's dramatic growth over the last few years: Giving EVERYONE more value than ever before. While others skimped on quality to survive, we
went above and beyond for our clients and thrived.

So who is the "perfect client" for PSC Landscaping? It might surprise you to learn that it has little to do with the age, gender, zip code, or even income level of a potential client.
They prefer to address the needs of nice people who place a very high premium on their own time, and see the value of building mutually beneficial relationships with
trustworthy, well-networked area professionals. We listen to the needs of our diverse clientele and provide real value regardless of demographics. That's how we've doubled
the size of this company since 2008!

PSC Landscaping makes not only your home, but our community a better place.

PSC Landscaping also goes above and beyond to support the communities it serves. Each year, you will see their presence at many charity events, fundraisers and
community-focused projects. This is their way to giving back to the community that has given them so much to them.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this outstanding firm.

Paul and Kevin hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your next outdoor project and invite you to see why so many satisfied clients work exclusively with them
year, after year, after year.


Our Services

Award-winning Landscape Design & Installation
Property Maintenance & Estate Management
Walkways, Patios, Stone Walls & Other Masonry Projects
Custom Cedar Fences for a Variety of Needs
Expert Insect and Disease Diagnostics
Lawn Installation, Repairs & Residential Turf Management - Organic Options Available!
Proper Drainage Installation to Alleviate Water in Basements & Other Related Issues
Tree Care and Removal

Any other jobs around your property for which you are uncertain "Who" to call...

Start by calling (203) 744-5025


About Paul and Kevin

A lifelong Bethel resident, Paul graduated from Bethel High School in 1996. Uncertain if college was right for him,
he enrolled in Western Connecticut State University. Paul earned a degree in business management in just
three-and-a-half years. During his first year on campus (November 1996), already possessing a few years
experience, he formed Paul Stewart Caso Landscaping, LLC.

Professionally, Paul has enjoyed a gradual shift from the day-to-day work in the field, to focusing on quality and
new business development. He enjoys networking and charity work, and considers himself fortunate that he has
gained some great friends in the process. You will hear Paul says that he has learned more running PSC
Landscaping in the last two or three years than he did in the first ten.
In 2004, Paul's life changed for the better when he met his now wife, Erin. The
couple got engaged exactly 20 months later and was married seven months
after that. They welcomed their first child, Indiana Meserve Caso, into the world
in late 2008. "Indiana," you ask? Yes, after a fictional archeologist. Paul and
Erin are expecting again this fall. He is a dog lover and has two rescued mutts:
Griswold is as handsome as Cary Grant and Hugo is as funny-looking as Steve
Buscemi, but he loves them both the same.

Paul is currently president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Danbury. He is
Kevin, also a lifelong Bethel resident, met Paul when they were in the 8th grade. They had two classes
together. Early in the school year, one of their schedules was completely rearranged to separate the two
hoodlums. Being two determined individuals even at a young age, they protested by acting out even more.
Within weeks they struck a deal with the teachers that they would indeed behave, if administration would
reverse the change to the schedule, and reunite the two misfits. To this day, historians debate whether or
not they kept their word. The two remained friends through high school and college, and even more
amazingly after working together for a decade.

Kevin also attended Western Connecticut State University, majoring in marketing. He joined PSC
Landscaping toward the end of his student career. Upon graduation, he assumed a co-ownership role in
the business and quickly evolved toward landscape design and client services. He is an extraordinarily
intelligent, well-read individual who possesses a true talent and passion for his work. In 2009, this talent
and passion was recognized when his work at the Union Savings Bank's flagship building on North Street
in Danbury, Connecticut was honored and awarded by the Danbury Garden Club.


enjoying the challenge and is proud to contribute to such a great organization that does so much good for the community and
around the world. Paul is also an active volunteer and community presence for the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS).
In 2010, Paul was honored by DAWS as its 'person of the year'. Paul is grateful that PSC Landscaping affords him the time
and resources to give back to the community.