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Life is an interesting and beautiful journey for each individual person and family. Some find their paths through well laid out plans, while others rely on fate or faith to guide them. Regardless of your path, money can either be a help or a hindrance depending on how it is treated. At LotusGroup Advisors (LGA), we believe that money should be used to help achieve your goals and dreams. Too often, people focus on asset accumulation and investment for the sole purpose of making more money, an empty approach to keeping life’s score by how much one owns. We named our company after the lotus flower, which blooms within a swamp. Consequently, we strive to emerge beyond the industry standard, seeking higher levels of understanding and alignment to our client’s objectives.

 Stock Traders, Asset Allocation, Full Service Wealth Management

In choosing LGA, our clients leverage a team of highly trained professionals whose motivations are driven by our strong desire to serve others. Whether they are single or married, with or without children, young or young-at-heart, LGA clients share the common thread of passion for life. These incredible people understand that their savings and investments are important, but they also realize that life’s pursuits are an even higher priority for where they invest precious time. With LGA, clients choose a proven team they can trust. They also choose a compensation structure that is fully aligned with their success, eliminating any kick-backs or hidden fees that are unfortunately so common within the financial services industry. This open-book partnership allows for peace of mind, so that clients may ensure that their financial plans are on track.


Traditionally, the types of high-end services that we provide have only been available to the multi-millionaire investor, leaving few good options for everyone else. While we service high net worth clientele, LGA also works with younger individuals and families to get started down the right path much earlier in their lives. We have been able to provide this service by improving our efficiency levels relative to industry standards. While many other firms are working off of paper/fax machines/phone calls, we are working on computers/scanners/emails. Rather than manually entering data and calling in trades, we have implemented technologies that automate these processes while reducing errors. Furthermore, we manage entire portfolios, to include a client’s 401Ks, 529s, annuities, and life insurance, areas that traditionally have been too inefficient to be managed for “smaller” clients, as defined by the industry. The net result is an ability to offer our services to emerging clients and to focus our resources on higher value-add activities such as client interactions and investment strategies.


When you work with LGA, rest assured that our aim is to thrill you as a client, and we never stop working to do so. We thank our current clients for continuing to place their trust and confidence in our services. For those of you visiting with us today, we look forward to understanding your situation, helping you achieve your dreams, and thrilling you along the way.


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Raphael Martorello & Andy Seth