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Learn How To Sell On YipDeals
You can sell vouchers for any kind of business. Here are just a couple examples:
Get locals to "sample" your great food
Get locals to "sample" your incredible spa services
Get locals to "sample" your professional services
Your business
Get locals to "sample" your incredible business
How Does It Work?
Create And List Your Deals
This is a sample, that locals will want to buy, to experience your business.
Get Paid
Local Shoppers find your deal and pay you directly for a Voucher which they will give you when they are ready to redeem.
Build Your Local Client Base
When these local clients redeem your Vouchers, ask for their email addresses, or to "Like" your business on Facebook, or to add you as a Follower on Twitter.
Why sell on Yipdeals?
Reach really really local buyers!
When you join YipDeals you become part of a local community that sticks together. Local shoppers come here to find great bargains, but also to see what local businesses have to offer. Whether you list a Daily Deal, or add a Website with one of our Packages below, you are reaching truly local customers who want to save time and build a relationship with your business!
Getting started on YipDeals is easy...Just take a few minutes to set up your Profile, and you can start adding your logo, pictures, website address and AboutUs to help drive traffic to your business.
Online safely:YipDeals values your safety and privacy. We don't share your email address with anyone and we don't keep your credit card information on file either.

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3 Ways To Advertise Locally On YipDeals
Add A Local Deal:
(1) It's a cost free way to advertise hyper-locally
(2)generates instant cash flow
(3) builds repeat business relationships with local buyers!
You can offer Deals at 35% off or better. You'll be on our website for up to 7 days! (We get paid when you get paid...check out our fees)
We will e-mail your deal to local subscribers who buy the deal online and then send them a voucher to be redeemed at your business.
You can go online at anytime and print out a Manifest of all Buyer Vouchers and...Buyers can subscribe to get future emails, facebook and twitter updates directly from you!
YipDeals Hyper-Local Advertising Is About Helping You Generate New Relationships With Local Buyers!
Local City Banner Ad:Local City Banner Ad which links to your Top Rank Page and appointment scheduling service and includes a WebPage with your logo, 5 Pictures, About Us Section, Testimonials, Website link, FaceBook and Twitter Links, Coupon and Map
Top Rank Pages/ and Classifieds that stay in front of local Buyers for a month, and never get thrown in the trash!
Top Rank Page & ScheduleYA Package: WebPage in Local Business Directory and highly ranked SEO page, with your logo, 5 Pictures, About Us Section, Testimonials, Website link, Employee's, FaceBook and Twitter Links, Coupon and Map. Comes complete with online appointment booking and ability to embed and synch on your own webiste.
Local Classified Package: Classified Ad similar to Craigslist, but more local! Get your For Sale Items, Recruiting, Or Gigs listed and in front of the local market for 30 days!
Banner Ad, Merchant Profile Page and Classified Ad purchases require a full 30 day payment in advance. Thereafter, your credit card will be billed every 30 days automatically. You may cancel at any time through your account, however no refunds for partial periods of use will be made.