$97 For 2 Office Visits at Arnone Specific Chiropractic 1)Consultation/Examination ~45Min. 2)Test Results/Specific Adjustment ~60Min. $375 Value

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Dr Robert Arnone practices a "Brainstem Procedure" that focuses solely on the area that runs & controls the brain and the body.

He has advanced training in this sub-specialty of Chiropractic that is much more precise, accurate, specific and conservative than general chiropractic care.

The hundreds of hours of training above and beyond the school's training and national board certifications allows Dr Arnone to find and correct problems that no other doctors are even finding including The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, and Washington University Doctors just to name a few.

Since we go right to the source of the problem with every case, we are seeing over 90% favorable results with no side effects other than various degrees of improvement.

Dr Arnone specializes in The Head-Neck Mis-Alignment that occurs with many Sports Injuries (Concussion) or Car Accidents (Whiplash).

Many signs and symptoms of a head-neck mis-alignment or Brainstem Pressure also include Headaches, Depression, Fatigue, Dizziness, Balance Trouble, Migraines, Sudden Visual/Hearing Disturbance, Sensitivity to Sounds or Light, Anxiety/Nervousness.

If you are someone that has health trouble and no one has been able to help you or if you are someone that does not want to take harmful drugs or surgery then this is for you!

If you know of someone who has been having health trouble, then this makes a terrific gift of health!  What a way to show that you care.

No Drugs/No Surgery Just Results.

Video/Written Testimonials at www.GetWellSTL.com or YouTube Dr Arnone's Channel

About This Local Business

Arnone Specific Chiropractic is a family owned small business that is focused 100% on locating and correcting the cause of the problem.  This may take more than a couple of visits and it would be explained to the patient if more care is recommended or if Dr Arnone would not be able to help the patient then that would be explained too. 

Not all patients are accepted for care at Arnone Specific Chiropractic.  ONLY the ones that have head-neck mis-alignment and brainstem pressure as a result. This will be determined in those first two visits with 100% certainty.

Since Drugs only mask the symptoms, you cannot expect to get truly well if you continue down this path, at some point you would have to make a change to allow your health to take a change for the better.

This Brainstem Care is the change that most people have been needing, but they had no idea because their doctor told them they needed something else involving drugs or surgery.

Now is your chance to see if this is exactly what you have been looking for, and at a huge discount of $278.00 off of regular fees, this may just change your LIFE.

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The Fine Print

Any visits will be by appointment only Monday through Friday between 8:30am & 6:00pm. 2 Visits are included and this does not include any MRI, CT, or X-Ray Examinations.  If the patient has had recent films taken then those may be analyzed by Dr Arnone to better help that particular case.

Location and Contact

711 Old Ballas Road Suite 104
Creve Coeur, MO 63141