$20 Towards $40 Of Either Probiotic 12 Or Multiple Digestive Enzymes From Nature's Inner Health.

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Nature's Inner Health can assist you in getting your health on track with this great offer. Get 2 of their top product offerings of your choice. Either Probiotic 12 or Multiple Digestive Enzymes. Your $20 voucher will go towards $40 worth of product at www.natures-inner.health.com 


***Once you purchase your voucher, within 24 hours you will be able to enter your voucher # into Nature's Inner Health's website for your product of choice***


Probiotic Twelve™ is a proprietary blend of carefully selected high quality probiotics. With 9 billion lactobacilli to support the small intestine, 6 billion bifidobacteria to support the large intestine/colon, agave and chickory inulin for prebiotic and a blend of enzymes, this product has your gut health covered! Probiotic Twelve is also a leader in acid barrier technology with a proprietary marine polysaccharide used as its defense, ensuring the highest CFU count to reach the intestines. Probiotic Twelve will aid in digestion, promote overall gut health, improve blood sugar control and support the immune system.



Multiple Digestive Enzyme (MDE) is the most thorough digestive enzyme on the market.  It contains 16 different enzymes to cover hard to digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, plus whole food coenzymes which are readily available for enzyme use in the digestion of your meals.  In addition these whole food coenzymes or vitamins provide essential nutrients to your body and have natural digestive soothing properties that have been used for centuries.  MDE will help you get the most nutrients out of your food, decrease the energy your body uses to digest your food, and soothe even the most difficult digestive issues.


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About This Local Business

Nature’s Inner Health was founded by a family with over 45 years of experience in food ingredient manufacturing and pharmaceutical formulation and quality assurance. Co-Founders Eric and Valerie Blow and Art Sears were not happy with the state of supplements being sold so they decided to make them better. The chore goal of Nature’s Inner Health is to create the highest quality health supplements as naturally as possible. Too many synthetic and low quality products were being sold at too high of a price. The founders of Nature’s Inner Health wanted to break that mold and focus on natural ingredients starting with whole foods, probiotics, enzymes and nutrient dense vitamin and mineral sources found in nature.


Nature’s Inner Health has created a line of supplements surpassed by no other. These products start with focusing on healing and maintain a healthy gut. The gut is one of the most important organs in our body to maintain health in our body and happiness in our mind. The gut is an important body regulator. In order to improve many areas of health in our body and mind, we must have a healthy gut. One of Nature’s Inner Health’s flagship products is a one of a kind Probiotic supplement with 12 bacteria strains, whole food prebiotics and a proprietary enzyme blend. Another product is a complete Multiple Digestive Enzyme supplement with whole food co-enzymes.


The founders of the company bring a love for exercise, improving diet and supplementation as a way of changing people’s lives. Val and Eric have done years of research in diet and supplementation and have experienced first hand the power of how diet and exercise and proper supplementation can change lives. Their goal is to arm people with the information and choices they need to improve and to live well and live long. They stand by their moto “HealthY BodY, HappY Mind.”


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