$10 For $20 Get's You Yummy Goodies From Leesburg Bakery. A Sample Box Of Tasty Treats From Another Local Loudoun Business!!

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Today's Extreme Deal

Leesburg Bakery, is owned and operated by Tara Garvin. Specializing in Fresh Baked Gluten Free Goodies. Tara brings her unique and tasty creations to you and your family with this wonderful Sample Bakery Box. Enjoy this mazing deal quickly...there are only 50 available...


Baked Goods Sample Box Includes: 

  • 2 Peanut Butter Cookies
  • 2 Sugar Cookies
  • 2 Chocolate Cake Balls
  • 2 Lemon Cake Balls
  • 1 Pumpkin Mini Loaf
  • 1 Cherry Peach Pineapple Mini Loaf


***Please contact tara@leesburgbakery.com  or call to choose your pickup location:

1.) King Street Coffee, 10am- 5pm on Tuesday November 1st or November 8th 2.) Dolce Coffee House, 7am -9pm on Thursday November 3rd or 10th


About This Local Business

Just like you, the owners at Leesburg Bakery love the smell of freshly baked treats. They too anticipate every bite of a decadent cupcake. The problem is that gluten just doesn’t get along some with some of us. That means that all the yummy delights like muffins, cookies and cupcakes are off limits. Leesburg Bakery knows firsthand the hardships and daily struggles parents endure in their attempts to maintain a thoroughly gluten-free diet for their kids. The only way to minimize and avoid temptation, is by offering a variety of products that are rich in flavor, texture, and taste. 

What is Gluten?  

Gluten is a substance present in cereal grains, esp. wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

Gluten foods can wreak havoc with a gluten sensitive person. The reactions can be mild to life threatening. So, like the rest of you who can’t eat gluten foods or have kids that can’t eat gluten foods, we were left with very little choices. Armed with traditional recipes and the belief that gluten free food can taste just as good as gluten foods, we started our own gluten free bakery.

Reviews -

"Wouldn't know it unless you told me..." Kristie Harmon  

"Finally I can enjoy my morning coffee with a muffin like everyone else in the shop..."Jon Peterson coffee shop customer

Promotional Expiration


Limit Per Customer


The Fine Print

  • 1 per customer
  • Soy and Sugar free substitutions not available with this purchase
  • Please contact:

tara@leesburgbakery.com to choose which location you prefer to pick up your sample box: 1.) King Street Coffee, 10am- 5pm on Tuesday November 1st or November 8th,   2.) Dolce Coffee House, 7am -9pm on Thursday November 3rd or 10th




Location and Contact

17890 Dry Mill Rd
Leesburg, VA 20175