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A great opportunity to fulfill your desire to be your own boss. Local Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award Winner and Leesburg Resident Ara Bagdasarian and business partner Nick Gustavsson wrote the book that can help you do just that.

This is the book that started The Lemonhead Movement. This movement is sweeping Loudoun County (and soon the country) with its 13 principles that every entrepreneur needs to know.

Read this article to see how this book inspired one local entrepreneur.

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Amazon Reviews:

A great book to encourage potential entrepeneurs to take those important first few steps and start their own business. Excellent optimistic guidelines that even big corporations should follow to remain successful! If you really want to do it, you can.

There's nothing sweeter than the taste of success. But for a serial entrepreneur like myself, there's always some "bitterness" along the way. Challenges comes with the territory, and often discourage a great idea from realizing its full potential. "The Lemonade Stand" is one of those rare treasures that reminds you that these "lemons" are a key ingredient in your recipe for success; that every roadblock is an opportunity for a new direction and innovative thinking. I'm currently in the growth phase of a new technology start-up, and was fortunate to stumble upon this book as the idea was in its genesis. It's an easy read (much like the work of Spencer Johnson or The e-Myth series), and the content is applicable to almost any business at any stage of its development. I've been able to actively apply the core principles to my start-up, finding innovative ways to self-fund and partner with other companies. The most useful advice: using the public media to promote and advance our message. From press coverage to social media, we've used "free" resources to project our products into the public light... and it's starting to take off! No matter where you business is - early stage, late stage, NO stage - this simple and inspirational book is definitely worth a squeeze. Start making your own lemonade!

About This Local Business

This is a story about lemons.

Well, sort of.

It’s actually a tale of three enterprising business owners, and how they squeezed their business “lemons” into a juicy, fruitful idea. The kind of idea that is helping entrepreneurs across the country to realize their own potential – and start squeezing their own lemons into lemonade.

It all began when Nick Gustavsson and Ara Bagdasarian were kids, growing up a world apart from one another (literally). As products of entrepreneurial families, they were encouraged to follow their dreams and create their own opportunities. When they began working together as adults, they knew it was a perfect entrepreneurial match – and it didn’t take long before they partnered on their own ventures.

Today, they own and operate Omnilert, the leading provider of unified mass notification systems that manage multimodal emergency communications. It wasn’t easy making it successful, but Ara and Nick were driven by a shared entrepreneurial spirit. Like every new business before them, they faced many challenges along the way. But they learned powerful lessons with each opportunity, and developed a set of core principles that continue to guide their growth.

Here’s where the lemons come in.

Nick and Ara knew that most entrepreneurs probably faced the same challenges that they did. Starting a business is fraught with risk – and often times, people are alone in their venture. It was kind of like opening a “lemonade stand” as a kid: you have the idea, the drive and the resources to set up shop on your street, but no practical guidance on how to make it successful and sustainable. In fact, the challenges that entrepreneurs faced were often bitter, kind of like lemons…

So Nick and Ara squeezed – and they stirred up a book called (aptly) “The Lemonade Stand.” Drawing on their years of collaborative entrepreneurial work, they crafted a set of 13 guiding principles, all designed to give a new business the right ingredients for success. As the book found its way to readers, they realized that a real movement was afoot, and that entrepreneurs could be squeezing all kinds of lemons into sweet lemonade – including things like unemployment. With so many people out of work, why not teach them real, practical ways to start their own businesses and take control of their own destinies?

When Ara approached his neighbor, Amy Kelly, the timing couldn’t have been sweeter. As a fellow entrepreneur, Amy had faced significant challenges – including the loss of her fitness club in 2007. “The Lemonade Stand” was the sweet infusion she needed; it changed her perspective as a business owner, and refreshed her outlook on opportunity. She was ready to start “squeezing,” and before long, she was working with Nick and Ara. As a leader in her small business community, Amy began spreading the word and connecting entrepreneurs – both start-ups and seasoned – with the power of the “The Lemonade Stand”. Together, this team of visionaries set out to share these principles with the entire country and help inspire entrepreneurs to enjoy the freedom and security that comes from owning a successful business.

Suddenly, it was bigger than anyone expected. And so the “Lemonhead Movement” was born.

And we want you to be a part of it!

The goal is simple: teach the principles of “The Lemonade Stand” to as many entrepreneurs as possible – and energize them to be successful. To achieve this, the “Lemonhead Movement” is giving away one copy of “The Lemonade Stand” for every copy purchased. These “LemonDrops” will be given away at unemployment centers, labor offices and other places where lemons need some serious squeezing.

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