$10 For $20 Worth Of Incredible Frozen Custard And Great Food!!! Come and indulge in a treat from Milwaukee Frozen Custard. Try their signature flavors!

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Here's the SCOOP Yipsters.  Today's Yipdeal is brought to you by Milwaukee Frozen Custard of Herndon. Step into the "Happy Days" style soda shop in the enchanting world of MFC. Your kids will be so mesmerized by the electric train over head that they will forget that they are getting treats!   

Milwaukee makes their delicious custards daily so it's always fresh, with just about any topping choice you can choose from.  There are dipped waffle cones, old fashioned style malts, sundae's, and swirl flavors galore.  And best of all if you take a look in their freezer you will find an entire selection of choices from past flavors of the day as well as Ice Cream Cakes.    You will not disappointed in their freshly made custards, along with the many other option they provide at this Herndon location including new to the menu BBQ sandwiches, coleslaw,  baked beans or potato salad. 

So gather up your sweeties for a fun little treat at the best little shop in town, Milwaukee Frozen Custard off Elden Street in Herndon.

About This Local Business

Creamy, soft, smooth, wet...what experience could be more rewarding than slowly consuming a tall cone of custard. The senses thrill - taste, touch, texture, scent... utterly addictive, intensely personal, solidly satisfying. Friendly employees, a shining clean store, and its open most of the time... and if the customer is watching calories - there is coffee.

Justin- Yelp.com 

This is the peak of indulgence in our family. Milwaukee offers three daily flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and the flavor of the day. I'm a die hard chocolate fan, so it blew me away to admit that I like their creamy vanilla custard even better. The back freezer always has pint sized cartons of recent flavors of the day in rotation. Unless we're eating in store, the back freezer is my first stop to see a wider range of flavors. Erin- Yelp.com 

I love frozen custard. It's hard to find on the West Coast, so when we turned to trusty 'ol yelp for culinary direction, we learned that there's a decent selection of frozen custard options in the area. Milwaukee Frozen Custard has a garish atmosphere - it's a bit like a carnival exploded with a creepy fun house mirror, an electric train on a continual loop, stuffed animals galore and blinding fluorescent lights. Yikes! They offer three flavors; vanilla, chocolate and the flavor of the day, which was raspberry fudge chocolate the evening we were there. There were tons of real raspberries and fudge swirls throughout, which provided a nice texture with the chocolaty flavor. Upon further inspection, we found a freezer case full of pre-packed pints of previous flavor of the days. Each flavor was interesting sounding and made me want to visit Milwaukee Frozen Custard each day to sample every flavor of the day option.

Ryan- Yelp.com 


Never mind religion and politics, when it comes to the big issues in Milwaukee, it is frozen custard that launches a truly lively debate. Ask any three Milwaukeeans which smooth, creamy stuff they prefer, and you’re likely to get three different answers. It is a place where the challenge of making the “best” custard is taken seriously. The only city where actual taste tests are sponsored to determine which frozen custard is tops, reminiscent of a county or state fair. The winning recipes are those which have been refined through years of practice. 

Milwaukee’s nostalgic "Happy Days" culture has thrived and prospered for over 60 years, while the rest of the country has essentially watched it vanish. Custard isn’t pudding, yogurt nor ice cream, which it resembles, but something like Heaven in your Mouth. Milwaukee Frozen Custard is the Real Stuff made from premium Wisconsin cream, into which is masterfully baked at least 1.4% egg yolk. By using our special machines, we make it with far less added air, or overrun, than regular ice cream making it much denser. Because it is served before being refrozen, as regular ice cream is, it uniquely maintains a pleasingly soft but heavy consistency. We believe it’s Better than Ice Cream. We think you will too. 

Our purpose and goal is to bring you Milwaukee’s Traditional Frozen Custard at its Best. That is what we are all about; it’s what we do. We invite you to enjoy something really special - Milwaukee Frozen Custard. Come try a spoonful on us. We also feature old-fashioned malts, sundaes, a model train and an atmosphere that’s second to none! We’d love to share with you what we know as Heaven in Your Mouth! ~ Al Casey

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