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" I would like to thank your entire staff for all of their kindness and professionalism. My wife and I love your services...Both Lisa and Laura are the very best at what they do!" Scott E.


Accupressure and Reflexology are their two great services of all other services. Relaxing, elegant environment, with total privacy for customers are ideal for me. The experience of their massage therapists enable them to know my muscles, tendons and release tension right at where it is. Other services they provided are great as well. It is soo good that you can get total body make over in one visit. I will definitley come back again. Chrid Z


**15% of every voucher sold will go towards supporting local High Schools. Support a great local business, and assist our kids in much needed funds.**


They are fantastic! I had a Swedish massage, my mom tried the acupressure massage and we were both VERY impressed. The prices are great, it is very convenient, they have great hours for those of us that work full time. I wish the rooms were a little more sound-proof, and really hope they have their steam room open soon. Definitely recommended! Lani M

About This Local Business

About This Local BusinessAbout The Business In 2002, one of the founding principals of Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa was diagnosed with breast Cancer in a routine physical exam. Her illness was already in advanced stage and, because she was in her early thirties, the doctor prescribed the maximum dosage for Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment to ensure cancer cells will be completely washed out. The side effects of these treatments had been unbearable and painful. As soon as the treatment began, she quickly lost the strength to even to stand up and get off the bed most of the time.

 Before her diagnosis, she had been very healthy and only knew of over-the-counter colds and flu remedies for ordinary illnesses. She did not have much experience in either western or eastern medicine. As she was undergoing Chemotherapy, a close family friend who is a traditional Chinese medical doctor told her that he can help alleviate the side effects she was feeling. At first, she was not very convinced. But the most amazing thing happened during her first session with the doctor using traditional Chinese treatment. Soon after the needles are injected into her body, she felt a surge of light coming into her body. At the end of the session, she felt like a brand new person, with all her senses awakened and bright lights shooting out from her eyes. Her body no longer feels heavy, and her mind no longer feels numb. She then started going to the Chinese doctor regularly to recharge her energy and detoxify her body, which not only helped her survive through the Chemo and Radiation without the side effects, but also rejuvenated her body. Like a miracle, she found herself pregnant only five months after the cancer treatment was over. Indeed, she had found a new life.

The story of the other founding member of Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa is a much happier one. Her life had required her to travel around the world non-stop in the past 10 years. She had a very busy and hectic lifestyle. But despite her tight schedules, she made time to receive regular wellness therapies and beauty maintainence treatments. She believes that because of these wellness therapies, she is able to maintain her youthful look. Now in her mid-forties, she is always complimented by people who have known her for years that she does not look a day older from 10 years ago. And people who meet her for the first time mistake her to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

Having experienced the benefits of quality wellness therapy and anti-aging treatments, the two long time friends both came to realize the importance of activating the body's innate healing capacity to restore biological balance and harmony and achieve healthy and quality living.

The two women dreamed of having their own full service wellness center and spa one day, and offering top quality services at affordable prices. By sharing this incredible gift with family, friends and the community, more people could afford to receive the best wellness therapies and beauty and anti-aging services.

In 2009, this dream finally became a reality. They worked very hard to design a full range menu of wellness and beauty maintainence progam, and hand-picked a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals who can provide top notch services with a touch of utmost care and attention.

The signature services include: acupressure massage, foot massage/reflexology, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, far infrared sauna, Thalgo facial, waxing, UV gel nails, teeth whitening, waxing and more.

The spa is located in the well known Gaithersburg Kentland Community, which is also convenient enough for customers coming from Potomac, Germantown, Clarksburg, Rockville, Bethesda and other DC metropolitan areas.

The motto of Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa is “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”

Thank you for learning about the company, and hope to see you at the spa soon!

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