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Like you, your lawn and the soil beneath it, need to breathe. Don't let lawn thatch choke out your lawn. Aeration performed this fall will give your grass roots the oxygen, fertilizers and water absorption it needs to give you that silky feel in the spring.
Use this awesome Voucher now for your fall maintenance plan or save it for the spring to get your lawn in tip top shape. A lush lawn is a sight to behold and you can rely on this great company to deliver you a carpet like result, for 55% OFF!!!! You can even combine Vouchers to get $200 worth of lawn care services for only $90. 

If you've already aerated, here are a few of the many services you can use this $100 Voucher on: Seeding programs, weed control, soil pH control, eliminating white grubs, crabgrass control, mole control, insect/disease management, organic lawn dressing, and lots lots more – and their services are guaranteed. Weed Man proudly serves all of Loudoun County.

About This Local Business

 “The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it.” – Author Unknown

Before there were beautiful green lawns for the kids to tumble on, there was crabgrass chaos, weeds gone amok, and odd things like grubs and varmints tunneling around and making holes for folks to fall into.  The caveman didn’t realize that lawns are living breathing organisms needing proper care and attention.  Today’s lush lawns of summer are almost distant memories since autumn leaves are falling, but don’t forget the ongoing need for tender loving care. Today’s Supreme YipDeal of $45 for $100 worth of lawn care by Weed Man can include Aeration, Fertilizing, and Winterizing services to help guarantee the lush-green weed free lawn you so desire.  And this fantastic offer extends all the way to Spring – so if you’ve already aerated and winterized, you can Buy Now and Save For Later on all the other great problem solving services available from this remarkable company!  And YipDeal Weed Man vouchers make great holiday presents – gifts for the future!
For 40 years, Weed Man has provided a safe, healthy outdoor environment tailored to each unique lawn care situation, and aeration is one of their most important services, especially critical this time of year. If you want to directly benefit the quality of your lawn next summer, Weed Man is your best bet since their system reduces soil compaction, excessive thatch and they also add a top dressing.  This way, grass “plant” nutrition and water storage literally weatherize your lawn for optimum results.  Fertilization is also vital in the fall and Weed Man uses an exclusive blend of proprietary fertilizers to feed and encourage future growth, health and vigor.
Other services of this remarkable company include seeding programs, weed control, soil pH control, eliminating white grubs, crabgrass control, mole control, insect/disease management, organic lawn dressing, and lots lots more – and their services are guaranteed.
A healthy, beautiful, weed-free lawn not only adds value to your landscape and property, but also adds to the quality of your life.  Weed Man uses only the most effective procedures and processes designed to protect the environment, yet keep lawns and landscapes healthy.  It’s about quality lawn service and quality products applied by licensed professionals who undergo continuous training.  And their singular goal is to build healthy lawns – from the ground up!  
“We have used Weed Man at our three properties in the historic section of Leesburg. In all cases the end results have spoken for themselves.  Cost-effective and timely service visits create the appearance I am looking for.  Thanks to the team and on going follow up visits we will remain a long-term repeat customer.” – Dr. David Miles – The Miles Lehane Companies, Leesburg, VA
“We have had Weed Man service for over 5 years now.  They have been extremely professional and the condition of our lawn is exceptional.  The curb appeal of our home has been significantly enhanced by the professional services that Weed Man has provided.  Weed Man customer care has been exceptional.  If I have issues, they are back to resolve or give you professional advice to remedy.  The greatest compliment actually comes from my neighbors.  When they regularly say that our lawn is the nicest looking lawn in the neighborhood.” – John and Diana, Chantilly, VA 
“…We have been using Weed Man since they came to the Leesburg area which has been several years.  We’ve moved since then and contacted them when we were ready to start work on the lawn of our new home because we had been so happy with the results on our previous home.” – John and Cici Palme’, Leesburg, VA

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