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Who Says House Calls are a thing of the past? Stay Where You Are.....Our Chiropractors come to you!!!


Three Full Chiropractic Sessions:  Only $98.00!  Regular Price:  $275.00

Let the Chiro On The Go Team of Professionals come to your home or office. Or if you prefer, come by our office.The road to better health and lifestyle begins now. Chiro On the Go focuses attention on your overall wellness, through comprehensive chiropractic care and injury rehabilitation as well as “hands on” rejuvenation and pain relief.


About This Local Business

Why drag your aching back to the chiropractor when the doc can come to your home or workplace?  Did you think medical home visits were only in old movies?  Not so.  The road to repair of your twisted torso through spinal realignment no longer requires a trip to the doctor’s office!  Today’s YipDeal is an incredible 65% off the original price of $275!  Get yourself happily manipulated at home, at work, or at the offices of Chiro On the Go.  You can fix those aches and pains with this YipDeal - 3 full chiropractic sessions for a mere $98!

Chiro On the Go aims for “hands on” rejuvenation and rehabilitation and most important - relief.   Talk about reinventing the wheel - they have reinvented how health care services are provided in the Washington, DC Metro area – a one of a kind service that will keep you upright and active.

About Chiro On the Go 

Chiro On the Go focuses on treating musculoskeletal and nervous system injuries like back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and herniated discs.  The first appointment determines whether the natural healing techniques of chiropractic adjustment can help.  If so, customized treatment plans feature therapeutic exercise and lifestyle counseling to relieve symptoms. Repetitive stress, work, and sport-related injuries reportedly respond positively and consistently to these prescribed methods of care.

Chiro On the Go goes beyond traditional chiropractic care with programs like on-site workshops and wellness webinars to provide expert advice.   Partnering with patients, their goals are to achieve healthier, more productive, and active lifestyles at home and in the workplace.

In addition, businesses can customize available services to create combination packages with on-site individual employee consultations, evaluations and treatments in conjunction with company health assessments, workshops and ergonomic evaluations.

Chiro On the Go is the only company of its kind in the Washington, DC metropolitan area because of their on-site services model, and their affordable and comprehensive chiropractic care at various home and work venues.   With this company, the road to better health and lifestyle no longer requires a trip to the doctor’s office.

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The Fine Print

  • By Appointment Only
  • Mon. - Fri. 8AM - 6PM
  • Sat. 8AM - 12PM
  • Includes initial consultation, examination and treatment, plus two follow-up treatments
  • All services available at our office, your home or office


Location and Contact

1201 South Scott Street
Arlington, VA 22204