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This deal allows a first time student to explore the world of martial arts and take up to three classes per week!

“I’ve never met an adult who was happy that they quit martial arts as a kid.” -unknown

Corsello's Kenpo Karate has been in Montgomery County since 2001 and is dedicated to perpetuating the art of Ed Parker's American Kenpo, and we also offer instruction in Modern Arnis Jujitsu.  We teach ages 4 and up and offer many extra activities for those students that are interested such as; an instructor-in-training program, Kenpo and Modern Arnis Jujitsu seminars, a demonstration team, in-house tournaments, movie nights, buddy days, and many other fun & educational events. Wear comfortable clothing and come in 5-10 minutes before class starts.  A full listing of our classes can be found on our website at www.corselloskarate.com.

"I highly recommend Corsello's Kenpo Karate. My son, who is currently 8, is a student of the school. When he first started at Corsello's he was at a level 3 in reading and very unfocused. By the end of the school year, he was at a level 8 in reading and received the Academic Achiever Award. I give the instructors at Corsello's the credit for that in honing in his focus and discipline." 

- Judy

"I am presently 56 years old and I am approaching my first full year at the school. Classes and practice have helped me control my weight, increase my flexibility, strength and speed while having a lot of fun. This has resulted in a better quality of life for me with reduced stress levels (and a better golf game). Forget the gym and get fit doing something you can use and have fun doing it. Why American Kenpo? One word: practical. American Kenpo focuses on efficiency of motion, no wasted energy and that every movement has a purpose. If you want to learn the art of American Kenpo in body and spirit this is the school for you and your children. The environment is safe, the instructors and students at all levels are respectful and helpful both in and out of class. I have been encouraged and helped from every instructor but also from every student. There has never been a time when anyone at a higher skill level made me feel that they were better than myself and instead they take time away from their practice to help the lower skilled students. When I have to miss a class I really feel that I have missed out and I never felt that way when missing gym time. " 

- John S.

About This Local Business

Our mission is To provide the highest quality martial arts instruction to all students, while instilling self-confidence and self-discipline by encouraging personal growth, integrity and perseverance in a challenging, motivating, safe, and family-oriented training environment.

Michael C. Corsello has owned and operated Corsello's Kenpo Karate since its inception in April of 2001 and is a 2nd Degree Black Belt.  Stephanie A. Hammond joined the school in February of 2008, and was recently promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt in October 2012.  We have family, military, and police discounts, and different program options available. 

Our priority for the past 11 years has been, and will continue to be, to provide the best Martial Arts education to our children, young adults, and adult students.  We believe that each individual who participates in our school, grows in their personal life, grows in their family life, and gains a sense of community.  Personal growth is gained through the increase in health of mind, body and spirit; family growth is gained through the respect, loyalty, discipline, and honor developed; and the sense of community is gained through  a sense of camaraderie during class time, monthly events held at the school for students, participation in local community events, and giving back to local charities. 

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  • Ages 4 & up
  • One voucher per person, but everyone in the family can buy a voucher!
  • Valid for first time students only
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
  • No cash value
  • Not vaild for Modern Arnis Jujitsu class

Location and Contact

1215 Walnut St
Lansdale, PA 19446