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Holiday stress is upon us once again.   Decorating, party planning, hours of shopping… Just thinking about this can put one over the top. But that's not the end of it. New Years celebrations are next, Time for renewing commitments, goal setting, and then back to races.  When is there time to relax?

Your negative emotions and physical tensions are harmful and can lead to fatigue, anxiousness, depression, sleep problems, and serious damage to you physical health.

With this program you will learn to reduce your mental, emotional, and physical stress any time of the year and for any situation.  It's not the events and situations that cause the stress. it is how you respond to them. Now you can learn how to choose positive emotions to any circumstance. 


Learn two proven techniques to reduce stress

 With the use of biofeedback to measure your heart rhythms, you can bring your body back into "sych."  This is possible because emotions are reflected in beat to beat changes in your heart rhythms. By measuring these rhythms you can quickly learn to interrupt the stress response in your body.  

Another validated technique which is also easy to learn and use for yourself is commonly described as a form of psychological acupuncture without the use of needles.  This approach is based on the 3000 year old practice of energy meridian stimulation. 

Think about situations and persons which trigger unwanted emotions in your life.  These are often related to earlier events or other persons you have known in your life.  Therefore, you have these repeated unpleasant reactions.  With this method of stimulating the acupuncture meridians, you are able to free your thinking, and your feelings, and even your physical reactions from the past. 

About This Local Business


Petaluma Stress Management trainings are conducted by Michael Reins, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Reins has been refining his approaches to stress through his 22 years of private practice and 10 years of training and work as a Life and Wellness Coach.  Reins completed Heartmath's training to add the biofeedback technology to his practice in 2005, and was the first EFT practitioner to offer  approved EFT training classes in 2002. 

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  1. Results are guaranteed if you follow the requirements of the program
  2. Pre and post assessments are included
  3. Sessions are by appointment only and are typically scheduled at weekly intervals 
  4. Payment in full is required prior to beginning the program
  5. First appointment must be scheduled prior to expiration of voucher
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Petaluma, CA 94954