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Announcing YipDeals - The Best Local Deals, Heated Up and Served To You Fresh Each Day!!!

We want local deals and we want'em now! Not deals from 30 miles away, or internet specials that cost a fortune for shipping and handling...ones right here where we live, in our neighborhoods and around our communities. YipDeals was created to help us find the things we need, right in the towns where we live, and at discounted prices. We provide a way for local businesses to tell you what they are offering and a single place where you can go to find everything they have to offer. The concept of group collective buying makes sense for this too – if hundreds or thousands of people want to do/buy something, they should get a discount. Lots of companies are trying this, but none can say they provide neighborhood deals, for the whole country. 

  • We focus on Deals for your community - Up to 90% Off Deals for products and services that you can actually use, all within 10 miles of where you live.
  • We provide our local subscribers with an email of all the reported local deals we receive, each and every day of the year. Every morning you get a nice little note that tells you who has sales and specials going on that day in your community, so you can plan accordingly. 

We’re buyers just like you, so we’re searching for high quality, local businesses who have great things to offer, but no affordable way to tell everyone. YipDeals has over 22,000 local websites where people and businesses meet to share deals. 

Now, we need your help to get the word out! If you like an offer, please forward it to 10 friends or a school/work distribution list!

We look forward to any feedback at info@YipDeals.com! Enjoy the deals!

For Businesses

If you own or manage a local business and would like to promote your business with us, you can reach us at the contact information below.

PO Box 988
Purcellville, VA 20134
Phone: 888-654-6470

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Join our team of Local Marketing Consultants and earn big commissions on every deal you help promote...eMail us today: Help@YipDeals.com to learn how!