What Is ScheduleYA For Businesses?

ScheduleYA is a simple appointment setting service that also doubles as a local marketing package. It's sole purpose is to help local customers find your business and your available times. The idea for ScheduleYA came when the Founders of the company tried to use Google to find open time slots for a badly needed, same day service repair. To their dismay, not only were qualified local service providers not easy to find,online, but many had multiple day waiting periods before they could even get to the work.

We thought..."Wouldn't it be nice if we could just see a list of local businesses and their available times, starting with today! And wouldn't it be nice if we could read their Yelp reviews and testimonials, pick the best business to do the job and the first available time slot and have them show up - today - or even on a weekend?" ScheduleYA was born!

Now it's as simple as doing a quick search on ScheduleYA.com or Google, picking the Provider and booking their next available time slot. For Businesses it's Free to set up an account and take appointments. In addition, businesses can; 1) post special deals, 2)communicate with customers, 3) send special birthday promo's, 4) email a monthly newsletter, 5) send text reminders and general messages, and even add "Book Now" reservations to their own website.

Claiming A Business

As a Business or Professional, you can claim your business by clicking the button and completing your registration (takes a couple minutes tops), you’ll have access to your ScheduleYA dashboard which enables you to add important content to your StoreFront.

You can add info about your business, logo, images, and testimonials. Plus, you can add your employee's (if any), their hours, availability, their images and more!

PLUS - you'll have access to live local support! Your LMC (local marketing coach or consultant) is available to you to answer your questions, provide direction and help you build your business and get new customers! It's like having your own marketing valet! Look for your confirmation email from your LMC and be sure to ask for assistance from them anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions: Consumer

Q. Why should I use this service? ScheduleYA is the new hassle-free way to schedule an appointment with almost ANY local service provider. It beats calling and waiting or being placed on hold. ScheduleYA saves you time and money. No phone calls, No fees - EVER!

Q. Where are prices? ScheduleYA is FREE to all consumers

Q. Is it safe to use? Yes! ScheduleYA respects the privacy of every user. We will never sell or share your information or email.

Q. Can I book an appointment from my phone? Yes! ScheduleYA is Mobile-friendly and easy to use from your smart phone. Just type in “ScheduleYA.com” in a google search and book from our mobile-friendly website!

Q. How do I know if Business is reputable? We got ya covered! You can view YELP reviews right from the page you're scheduling from. We want you to have the best experience possible so we've added all these features right on one page.

Q. How do I know if my appointment requested is confirmed? Right after you book your appointment, you'll receive an email confirmation of your appointment date and time. PLUS, you'll receive a reminder the day before your appointment, so you'll never miss an appointment again!

Q. What if I don’t find a business on ScheduleYA? If you don't see your favorite local business, you can let them know about our exciting new service hitting cities all across America! Tell them to go to WWW.ScheduleYA.com and sign up for Free!

Frequently Asked Questions: Businesses and Professionals

Q. Why should I use this service? ScheduleYA is an exciting ONLINE Scheduling service that helps local businesses and professionals get new customers.

Q. Why not use another booking service? For nearly 10 years, ScheduleYA founders have been working closely with local businesses to help them gain local customers and grow their businesses. We not only provide an immediate online scheduling service, but every account comes with a StoreFront that is SEO prepped and key word savvy to get your business ranked high on Google. ScheduleYA is packed with tools and LIVE support to help you every step of the way. No other service does that.

Q. How Much Will This Cost My Business? ScheduleYA is FREE. With a simple registration, you gain access to some of the best local marketing tools available today.

Q. What Tools are Available to me? Real-Time Online Scheduling capability: Business and employee hours and availability. Email and Text reminders to your clients. Monthly Newsletter to stay "center, front" of your clients. Birthday promotions and specials. Client tracking for services and visits.

Q. How Do I Claim My Business? Simple! Just click the "Claim My Business" button and complete the simple registration. Some of the info is auto-populated, and you may update or change the info. Plus, enter your email address and select a password.

Q. Is ScheduleYA Safe? Yes! We respect the right to maintaining privacy. That's why we will never sell or share your email with anyone.

What is YipDeals?

When you sign up for ScheduleYa, you automatically gain access to an awesome LOCAL deal service that provides you with the tools you need to create and market a cool deal to your community. A YipDeal is an awesome feature built in to ScheduleYA, which helps any business provide their existing clients with a special ONLINE deal and gain NEW clients

All you need is to come up with a great deal you want to offer to your community, follow the simple step-by-step instructions to post your deal, set a "go live" (publish) date, and you’re ready to launch!

Next, use the Newsletter template, Custom Text, or Email capability to send your deal link to every client or customer on your list! They can forward to their friends and family and before you know it, you’ve gained some great new customers. They'll buy your deal online, and the minute they do, you get paid immediately - BEFORE they actually redeem the voucher!

This gives you money and time to gear up for the extra business you'll get by offering a great deal and when you demonstrate your professionalism, efficiency and courtesy, your customers will keep coming back for more!

Sign up for ScheduleYA today, or if you're listing is ready to claim - Claim it! And gain access to the most innovative Local Business Booster available today!

Don't forget! YipDeals is FREE!

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