Our Values

Your Independent Chamber - Over the years, many Chamber members and local residents have asked us if we are affiliated in any way with the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.

Our answer is unequivocally "no." We are an independent business association with no ties to the national chamber or other national business organizations.

We decided many years back that the values, policies and political actions of the U.S. Chamber are not always in tune with the characteristics and values we cherish on Bainbridge Island: a sense of community, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, independent thinking, and self determination.

We are above all else, a local organization. Our members are located on Bainbridge Island, or in nearby Kitsap County, and derive their livelihoods from producing goods and services that originate in our backyards.

Our local roots -- going back more than 80 years -- are behind our motto of "creating a wonderful place to Live, Work and Play." We believe in "Thinking Globally" (having a global perspective), but "Shopping Locally" (taking local action in how we shop, eat and do business).

We also believe that as a community we should learn to strike a positive balance between the economy and the environment; that the creation of locally-produced, family-wage jobs and products will benefit all of us all in myriad ways and create long-term sustainability.

By being independent we have no national ties or agendas and, therefore, we our free to be what we want to be -- home grown and hometown.