USTMA (United States Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy) founded in Leesburg in 1987, is the oldest martial arts academy that teaches traditional World Taekwondo Federation-Compliant and Olympic Standard Taekwondo to Loudoun County residents in areas such as Leesburg, Ashburn, and Purcellville. Focusing their classes on self defense and confidence building for kids and adults of all ages.



Established in 1987 by visionary and founder, Eunggil Choi, USTMA is the oldest martial arts academy that teaches traditional World Taekwondo Federation-Compliant and Olympic Standard Taekwondo. Now a 9th degree with the title of Grandmaster, Kwan Jang Nim (proper Korean title) Choi oversees four locations and offers programs in Taekwondo and Hapkido for children and adults. Grandmaster Choi has created a learning environment that creates well-rounded individuals and achieves this through emphasis on academics, cultural awareness, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect. USTMA student athletes typically are in the top of their classes and have greater physical fitness levels than schoolmates. Most importantly, students develop lifelong habits of health and wellness.


One of the exciting new programs that USTMA has brought to Loudoun County is their Rise Up program, or "Rise Up As One". The program focuses uses sports as a universal language to help the next generation of practitioners develop skills such as teamwork, determination, self-confidence, creativity, resilience, and physical and emotional health. USTMA believes that improving access to sports, play, and an overall greater level of physical activity, especially for children is one of the greatest investments a society can make.


“Rise Up As One” has the philosophy to believe in the power of human spirit. By promoting positive long-term changes in athletics, academics, and leadership, this aims to inspire and support the communities in which we live, work, and play. “Rise Up As One” is a global initiative of athletes, coaches, and parents who are all committed to helping build communities, in which each individual can thrive, compete, and belong to a team. USTMA wants to make Loudoun the premier Martial Arts school. Check out their site to learn more about their Dojang, and how the professional and consultive approach can help improve all facets of you and your childs confidence and self determination. You can also check out upcoming schedules for choice of classes here For an idea of the many programs offered by USTMA, go here


Program Focus

Our program focuses on the following key objectives:

·         Expanding and providing greater access to health and fitness through equal access to sport opportunities and programs.

·         Engaging professional and amateur athletes and health and fitness practitioners to directly create socially responsible environments.

·         Investing in the power of athletes and their communities to stand together to help end bully-related actions.

·         Using sports to promote health and fitness and to combat childhood obesity.


Sport for Social Change

We are dedicated to ending bully-related actions. This mission is daunting, but simple:

To end bullying we must give our youth the confidence and resources to make positive change in their lives and their communities. Beyond the self-defense aspect of the Martial Arts training, our students:

·         Improve their self-discipline, thus helping them to make better choices that try to avoid or diffuse conflict.

·         Develop the self-control to resolve problems as peacefully as possible.


·         Have the self-confidence and strength to better deal with bullies.


·         Develop the self-discipline and self-control to not bully others.


Fight against Childhood Obesity

We believe that when physical fitness activities are both fun and actively involve participants, they help create a positive environment that promotes exercise and physical activity for all, regardless of baseline physical fitness. The objective is to start our youth toward a successful fitness strategy that will enable them to:

·         Have fun while learning. "Fun and skill development, rather than winning, are the primary reasons most young people participate in physical activity and sports programs." -US Department of Health and Human Services.


·         Develop proper goal setting to establish and maintain regular involvement in physical activity