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Centrally located in the Water Tower's Executive Suites, Soheila Ghofrani and her expert seamstresses at The Dress Doctor, Inc. have demonstrated their loyalty by satisfying clients in the greater Chicago area, nationally, and internationally for over 30 years.

From simply re-sewing a button onto your new leather jacket, to restyling your mother's vintage wedding gown, The Dress Doctor's bag contains the diagnosis for any fabric feeling unwell. With being the finest alteration business in the Gold Coast, we have the most meticulous hands at your service- we are able to make a copy of your favorite vintage ensemble, emulate an outfit you saw in a magazine, custom design your wardrobe and even do interior design. Once your fabrics go under the knife, you can expect to be 100% satisfied!


The Dress Doctor has made it a custom to cater to all clients, to all styles, and all ever-changing trends. The team has gone to great lengths to personally connect with each client in order to envision their requests and ensure absolute fulfillment.


Your Prescription for Any Fashion Dilemma


Have your mother’s vintage wedding gown that is too large,  too long, or too out-dated? The Dress Doctor can turn it into your own bridal gown vision (say, without the long lace sleeves and high collar neck) or chop it off and voila!: a chic and unique cocktail dress with half the fabric.

Clients frequently bring in pieces that were bought at an amazing deal, they just need a little bit of altering. Hemming jeans, fitting a dress or pants to your body, or getting your ideal wedding gown to fit like a glove are all every day accomplishments at The Dress Doctor. Remarkable one-of-a-kind stitching is second nature to the Ghofrani women.


Wedding Dresses


The Dress Doctor does all out-source alterations for Vera Wang in Chicago. If Vera Wang can trust these ladies, it’s obvious they know their stuff. Whether you buy Vera Wang and need the slightest change, or need to make your David’s Bridal gown into your perfect designer-look-a-like, Soheila and Giselle can do it unbelievably.


Giselle handles more freelancing and has traveled to meet brides out-of-state. For your most important day and the most important gown you might ever wear, they will stop at nothing to make every alteration perfect and every idea complete.


Custom Designed Garments


As Giselle puts it, her mother can read people’s minds when it comes to designing something from scratch. Clients come in with fabrics bought from China or Japan, and once Soheila gets a hold of it, she can turn into a beautiful coat or one-of-a-kind dress.

Both mother and daughter make their clients more creative after visiting The Dress Doctor – they begin to have an eye for fabric and more unique ideas for what they want out of their clothes.

If you like the neckline of one gown, the bodice of another, and the train of a third, Soheila and Giselle will work their ideas out with you until you get the ideal design you envisioned. If you like a trench coat but want to tweak it, The Dress Doctor will help you get the extra touch of individualism in your clothes.


We re-create Oscar Hollywood Dresses


Let’s face it: it's nearly impossible to find a Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie-esque gown at a price that won’t dip into your monthly home payments. Even if you are an unbelievable bargain shopper, the quality and distinctiveness of those dresses just can’t be matched by a department store.

They can, however, be matched by The Dress Doctor. It will be a dress created from nothing, an original piece of work with exceptional stitching and a fineness of quality of a couture gown – only it just looks like something you have already seen and fallen in love with. You spot something you want, you can get it.


Soheila’s and Giselle’s expertise and crafty hands will come at a cost, but if you need a once-in-a-lifetime dress that is reminiscent of Julia Robert’s Valentino gown circa 2001 Oscars, you can have it.


Prices and Other Services


The Dress Doctor specializes in couture:


  • Expert Tailoring
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Custom Designed Garments
  • Re-creating Oscar/Hollywood Dresses
  • Prices and Other Services
  • Continuing Excellence and Creativity in Design
  • Set Up Your Consultation Today!


The Dress Doctor can and will do any alteration on any item of clothing – just make sure the new hem on your jeans is worth it. Changes made to dresses can range anywhere from $300-$800. And if you need that perfect hem on a new pair of jeans: $45.



You can also ask The Dress Doctor for expertise and suggestions on:


·  Accessories

·  Fur services

·  Interior design

Consultations are free and these half hour sessions with both mother and daughter are obligation free.

"We give you all your options, and you decide," says Giselle. "We want the price and the process to be comfortable for you."



Continuing Excellence and Creativity in Design


With a passion for design and talent that runs through their blood, Soheila and ­­Giselle Ghofrani will impress you with their original design concepts, remarkable craftiness, and impeccable eye for high-end couture. For 25 years, Soheila continues to challenge herself and produce better and better work.  

They are your answer to any problem regarding any garment. Just make sure you book your appointment with enough time to spare!


How To Set Up Your Consultation


Because of their numerous clients and care for each client’s specific wishes for his or her garments, consultations are by appointment only. Both mother and daughter are present at every consultation in order to give creative suggestions and provide all options for what can be done with the garment or fabric.


All consultations are free.

There is no obligation to go further with the altering or creating of a garment after the consultation. Soheila and Giselle want their clients to be completely comfortable with the process and price.

To set up a consultation and get started on creating your ideal piece or making what you already own fit to perfection, The Dress Doctor 845 N. Michigan Ave. Suite #946E, in the Water Tower Place on the Gold Coasts Magnificant Mile, Chicago, IL. 60611 (312) 943-2828 or visit to submit queries via



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