Out of 100 potential customers, how many do you think go on the Internet and check reviews before buying anything – from a restaurant to a car? The truth is, 85% of consumers check the online reputation of a company, even if they were referred by a friend. But less than 1% of them leave reviews… and the most eager customers to leave reviews, leave bad reviews…

If you have one bad review showing up in Google or Yelp, you can lose 85% of your prospects, because no one wants to do business after reading a bad review.

We would love to say that 1 Rep Specialist is the nickname of the #1 Reputation and Mobile Marketing Specialists. Since we don’t want to brag, our goal is to hear you say it. We’ll just say 1 Rep Specialist is the one and only Reputation and Mobile Marketing Agency you’ll ever need.

We work with clients to protect and increase their online reputation; to make sure that once a prospective customer sees your 5-star reputation, they don’t look any further.

Our company is the marriage between the love for writing great copy and our obsession with technology. Add that to the desire to provide excellent services and our insistence on pleasing our customers.

We are your total solution mobile marketing agency providing services in mobile marketing, social media management, reputation marketing management, building premium mobile websites and mobile apps, generating custom QR codes, sms/text messaging campaigns, contests, and more.

Our love for what we do shows in every project, no matter how small.

Compare our products, prices, and services with any others that are offering the same and you’ll see that we give over and above what you get elsewhere. But, hey, don’t just take our word… see what our customers are saying, and try us out for yourself.