Reviewer Tristyn Says:

Dr. Okba changed my life! for 18 years I chose not to smile in any photos because I was self conscious about my teeth. For my 18th birthday I began my quest for straight teeth. Being a stubborn & vain 18 yr. old, and working model I was very hesitant to put braces on my teeth. Dr. Okba's office offered everything i needed. Dr. Okba advised me to use the porcelain brackets over metal, the main benefit being that if needed for a photo shoot Dr. Okba could remove the metal wires and the porcelain was virtually unnoticeable! He was very helpful and understanding for the entire 2 years time It took. Now I smile in all my photos and my modeling career has excelled I would never go to any other Dentist than Dr. Okba. Pearl Dental is an excellent office and I would refer any of my best friends to it.