Yelp Reviewer John W Says:

There have been so many times I would crave Japanese food while in Arcadia only to settle for something else. If you're in my shoes your in luck because there is a place called Oto Oto (its in Monrovia but not to far from the Santa Anita Mall).

This isn't your typical sushi joint where all you get is sushi and shrimp tempera. It's an Izakaya in Monrovia! The food, service, and décor is tops. Some of my favorite dishes are the chicken wings (much bigger than Furibo's), tempera chips (great with beer), wagyu roll, pork kakuni (with rice is sooo good), tonkatsu ramen (much better than Shin Sen Gumi..too salty), salmon ochazuke (best I've eaten) and the pork belly yakitori (fatty and juicy). So if you're in the area and craving Japanese food don't hesitate to try out Oto Oto. You get 5 stars Oto Oto!