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Oto Oto Izakaya Japonaise, is owned and operated by Ramla Inc. Founded in Tokyo,Japan in 1980 by Akira Murakawa, Ramla has grown over the last thirty-two years intoTokyo’s third largest restaurant operator. With one hundred and fifty-four restaurants comprised of thirty-two brands Ramla’s restaurants span a spectrum of cuisines ranging from traditional Japanese, to French, to Italian, to Spanish and more—the company also has restaurants in France and China. In its most current initiative, Ramla is embarking on an ambitious expansion into the U.S. with its plan to bring one hundred and fifty Ramla branded restaurants to American cities both large and small.


Oto Oto Izakaya is first and foremost a traditional Japanese restaurant, but an Izakaya style restaurant, while traditional is by no means formal. Rather, an Izakaya is a place to unwind and have a drink and a bite to eat after work with friends, family and business associates. To this end, Oto Oto Izakaya’s in the U.S. are being designed with an aesthetic that communicates both excellence of cuisine and an upscale yet relaxing environment to drink and dine in.


Oto Oto Izakaya does not end its quest for excellence at superlative food and the finest dining environments. Because as important as food and atmosphere might be, they mean very little if not accompanied by service of comparable standard. In recognition of this,Oto Oto Izakaya has made it part of its Mission Statement to never cease in the pursuit of providing its customers with absolutely perfect service, each and every time they are gracious enough to offer Oto Oto Izakaya their most appreciated patronage.


Welcome to Oto Oto Izakaya.