Robeks in Broadlands and Cascades is committed to providing Loudoun County residents in our Community with Healthy and Nutritional Smoothies, Juices, Vegetable options packed with Vitamins, Nutrients, Antioxidants, Herbal Extracts, and Energizers. Serving Loudoun County in Ashburn, Sterling, and Leesburg.



Fresh, premium, made-to-order. Unique combinations of healthy ingredients. Flavorful throughout. We are all that and more. Think of us as a reality checkpoint for healthier eating and active lifestyles. Ever since we opened our first location in 1996, associates and franchise owners across the country have felt deeply passionate about the benefits of healthier eating, and what we can do to help our guests maintain active and healthy lifestyles. Today, our team is more committed than ever to:




Create innovative ways to reach your daily 9 – 13 servings of fruits & vegetables*

Find every opportunity to use the freshest, premium-quality ingredients possible

Open more and more locations for your convenience

Deliver value for your money on every visit

Always stay on top of our most important goal—The Robeks Experience

It is our wish that your Robeks’ experience always gives you a healthy lift for the day and a well-earned moment of enjoyment and satisfaction. Have questions? Check out our site for all the answers and watch for upcoming events




What Makes Robeks Different?




First word. Values.


Robeks is a value driven company that focuses on teamwork, communication, accountability, quality and passion. You can count on a friendly hello when you visit a Robeks store. Everyone works together to deliver a great guest experience and store associates take personal responsibility for your experience. Above all, Robeks adheres to the highest possible standards and best practices in food service.


Second word. Nutrition.


Naturally, we want you love the taste of a freshly blended Robeks’ fruit smoothie...the zest of squeezed-fresh juice...the natural sweetness of fresh fruit...the zen of a wheat grass shot...the full-bodied flavor of a gourmet sandwich or wrap...or sinful creaminess of our non-fat yogurt. We want you to enjoy every sip, scoop and morsel knowing that you are rewarding yourself!


Our products are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and energizers. Come visit us in Broadlands @ 703-729-2806 located at 43145 Broadlands Plaza in the Broadlands section of Ashburn, or at our Cascades location @ 703-444-0920 located in Cascades at 21012 Southbank Street. We look forward to seeing you!!