"Just a quick note to let you know how much Gail and I have enjoyed the service provided by Mosquito Authority. It is so nice to be able to use our yard in the evenings without having to worry about mosquitoes and other pests. I have also found that it has reduced the number of bugs we used to get inside the house and all at a very reasonable price. Thanks again for a wonderful service."~Steve and Gail Landreneau


"We are so pleased with the service of Mosquito Authority . We live on a pond and in the past our outdoor time was cut short by the mosquitoes so it was hard to enjoy our yard like we would like to. Now we can relax and throw some steaks on the grill any time we like or just enjoy watching the kids play. This past summer we lost track of time working in the garden and next thing we knew it was dark! We just couldn't believe there were no mosquitoes! It was great! Mosquito Authority has provided very professional service and we strongly recommend them."

~Dr. Damon and Tess Cormier