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Dylan's Food Truck - The Best Mobile Catering Service in Northern Virginia!  Offering Delicious DownHome Southern Food!




Find us at Fairs, Festivals and Events in cities like Manassas, Woodbridge, Dulles, Stafford, Warrenton, Gainesville & Fairfax, VA.





Dylan's Downhome features American Southern Food with menu items ranging from the Tidewater region of Virginia and Maryland, into the Carolina low country, through the South into Alabama and Louisiana and finishing in East Texas.
We're serving both classic and innovative dishes like Savannah Wings with a peach and tamarind wing sauce, Shrimp Po' Boy sandwiches with a full quarter-pound of shrimp, a Crawfish and Andouille Mac & Cheese, and a Smoked Duck Barbecue Pizza topped with gruyere, mozzarella and grilled onions! Our signature dessert is a Bananas Foster Bread pudding topped with a caramel rum sauce and fresh whipped cream.  Where else but Dylan's are you going to get food like this?




Established in 2011

Dylan's Downhome is the dream of two foodies who've been trying to open their own restaurant.  It's all about the food!


Meet the Business Owner: Marie and Suellen S.


Once upon a time there were two foodies that really, really liked to cook and share food.  They spent years dreaming up ways to open some kind of a restaurant.  Sadly, they both had day jobs and other obligations.  That, and their total lack of real commercial kitchen experience, made a restaurant a tough sell.

One day, they watched Food Truck Wars and decided that they, too, could do that.  They looked around for trucks and found... that they were expensive.  Like $65 grand.  Yikes!

A couple of months later, one afternoon while eating lunch with their foodie friends, they learned of a food truck for sale only four miles away.  

They went to look and found a really old truck with a fairly new kitchen inside.  Sure, who cared that every engine warning light was lit?  For a few thousand dollars this dog could have some fleas.

Some paint and elbow grease, a health department inspection and a peddler license later, Dylan's Downhome came to life and here we are.





Check us out at http://dylansfoodtruck.com/menu.html



Big Pig Jalapeno Poppers -  Pickled jalapenos stuffed with pulled pork barbecue and cheddar cheese, battered, fried, and served with a BBQ ranch dressing.   (Available only by catering agreement)

Wings - Two choices: (Available only by catering agreement)

   Savannah Wings, with a peach and tamarind sauce
   Talledega Wings, with a Alabama white barbecue sauce

Crawfish and Andouille Mac and Cheese - Made with a three cheese blend and a garlic butter crumb topping. You have got to taste this to believe it!   (Available only by catering agreement)

Battered Fries - Sprinkled with sea salt and just a touch of our blackening spice.  Just to die for! $3.50

Fried Pickles - Whole baby dills, battered, fried, and seasoned just right!  $3.50

Collard Greens - Made Gullah-style with fatback, bacon, and chicken stock.  $3.50

Coleslaw - Carrots, cabbage, and granny smith apples with our secret slaw sauce - $2.00



The Burger - We start with 5½ ounces of lean ground beef and then cook it to a perfect medium and top it with a root beer glaze.  Served on a toasted potato roll with lettuce, tomato, and mayo - $6.00;  With provolone cheese - $7.00

The Dog - A Nathan's hot dog, split and fried.  Served on a toasted bun.  Plain - $4;  Loaded (our specialty!) with chili & slaw - $6.00;  With slaw only - $4.75;  With chili only - $5.25

Bracy's Pulled Pig Pizza - A personal size pizza topped with BBQ pulled pork, caramelized balsamic sweet onions and a combination of mozzarella and Gruyere cheese.  All monies from the sale of this item go to the Bracy Sink Memorial Fund.  $7.50

Barbecue Duck Pizza - A personal size pizza topped with smoked duck, caramelized balsamic sweet onions and a combination of mozzarella and Gruyere cheese.  You can't get this anywhere else!  $8.50

Shrimp and Grits - Our hand-made grit cake topped with shrimp in a traditional sauce. * Available only at special events and by catering agreement.

Shrimp Po' Boy - Battered fried shrimp on a soft sub roll topped with our special sauce.  $7.50

Sweet Potato Po' Boy - A completely vegetarian sub with battered slices of sweet potato deep fried to perfection on our soft sub roll. Topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and our Remoulade dressing.  $5.50

Kid's Hotdog Meal - A plain dog with a half portion of fries and a juice box - $4.00


Bananas Foster Bread Pudding With Rum Sauce - Need we say more?  Okay, then - topped with fresh whipped cream! $4.00

Deep-fried Milky Way Bar - Dipped in a special batter and fried,  then dusted with powdered sugar, cocoa powder and drizzled with raspberry sauce!  $2.75



Where are we?

June 2nd - Manassas Railway Festival
June 16th - Private Wedding
July 4th - Downtown Manassas
July 21st - Patriot Harley-Davidson
September 4th - The Winery At La Grange
August 25th - Patriot Harley-Davidson
September 15th - Patriot Harley-Davidson
September 29th - Molon Lave Vinyards
October 20th - Stafford Wings and Wheels

Did you know we cater?

Call us at 703-927-2502 or drop us a line at info@dylansfoodtruck.com!