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What would your life be like if you could change that one thing that you've been wanting and trying to change for so long?  What if you really could do what willpower and wishing haven't allowed you to do so far?  Would you like to be in control of your life?  Even if you’ve already tried everything you can think of, let hypnosis surprise you!    You can have success in your life! I am Stephanie Greene, and through the use of hypnosis, I will help you to find your way.

I am your guide to your path to success using an efficient and transforming process proven to be effective with thousands of clients.   I help regular people with regular problems like losing weight, stop smoking, stress, fears, phobias or any limiting belief they would like to change.  If you are ready to overcome the obstacles to your success and happiness, remove limiting beliefs from the past, fears about the future or simply gain more clarity, hypnosis can help.  Recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958, hypnosis is a safe and successful therapeutic tool for many conditions, addictions and limiting habits.

Serving Northern Virginia (NOVA), Ashburn, Brambleton, Broadlands, Cascades, Chantilly, Centreville, Countryside, Fairfax, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Herndon, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Reston, South Riding, Sterling, Pleasant Valley, Purcellville and Round Hill.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a safe and holistic method of making changes to long-held beliefs and habits.  When you work with a hypnotist to help you make those changes, you will be guided into a hypnotic state which most people describe as feeling very relaxing. 

There has been significant research related to hypnosis showing how well hypnosis works.  However hypnotic models of the mind have only recently been able to begin to make sense of what hypnosis is and how it works with the mind.  The definition of hypnosis itself has changed over the past decades.  For this reason, you will likely find many and often conflicting definitions of hypnosis, further confused by pop, fictional accounts of hypnosis.

My favorite definition shows what is most useful about hypnosis in a one-on-one session with a skilled hypnotist:

A heightened state of suggestibility associated with highly focused attention – It is a state of being so fully absorbed and aware that your outside mind, thoughts, noise, fade away and become less and less important to you as you open the door to your inner wise mind with the help of your hypnotist as a guide and work on what is important to you. Because this is a very receptive state of awareness, you are capable of making changes to deeply held beliefs and habits that the conscious mind  and willpower may find difficult if not impossible.  In this state of consciousness, you are more able to utilize the body’s and mind’s own healing and change potential.

“Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention. This altered state of consciousness is like using a magnifying glass in the sun—when the rays of the sun are focused, they are more powerful. Similarly when our mind is concentrated and focused, we are able to use more of our potential and more of the power of our mind. In this sense, learning hypnosis is the ultimate in a self-control skill, rather than being out of control,”  according to D. Corydon Hammond (1992).

Hypnosis is also a naturally occurring phenomenon.  We have all experienced it whether driving a long distance and not remembering how we did it, reading a good book or watching a movie and being so totally involved, that everything around us appears to fade into the background. If this has happened to you, then you experienced spontaneous hypnosis.

Let’s also address some misconceptions about hypnosis:

  • I cannot be hypnotized – Anyone of normal intelligence can enter into hypnosis if they are willing and unafraid.  Fear, anxiety and nervousness are all inhibitors to hypnosis, so it is very important that you have a chance to address your concerns with your hypnotist and have your questions answered.  Your unique individuality will determine how deeply you enter this altered state of receptive awareness. And as people get better at most things with practice, you will probably find that you are able to go deeper into hypnosis on your second session than your first.  You do not have to relax but most people find this experience a very relaxing and refreshing experience.
  • Hypnosis is magic – Sometimes hypnosis SEEMS like magic because it can help people change deeply held habits and beliefs when nothing else has worked.  But modern models of the mind demonstrate how bypass of the conscious mind can help you and your hypnotist work with your subconscious mind, which is where those beliefs and habits live.  The protective function of your mind ensures that you are still is in control of the outcome.  Consider your hypnotist to be like a coach or a dance partner taking the lead.  You still have your part to do.
  • Hypnosis is a sleep state – This is one of those leftover ideas from the early days of hypnosis concepts.  Because the mechanisms of hypnosis were not fully understood in those times, there is still much terminology that does not accurately understand what we now know about hypnosis works.  You should not fall asleep in hypnosis because you won’t benefit in the same way.  As to how you will feel while you are in hypnosis, there is not one particular hypnotized feeling.  The feeling most people report is feeling relaxed.
  • Hypnosis is mind control – Your hypnotist cannot control your mind or make you do things you do not want to do.  There is a protective function in each part of your mind that is always keeping you safe.  However, hypnosis can help you control your own mind and teaches you how to access your own unlimited resources.  For this reason, I will work with you to thoroughly understand YOUR goals and desires so your hypnosis will be the most effective and efficient for you!



Transformational Hypnosis

One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions to help you make the changes you have been wanting to make in yourself .  It’s time to reach your dreams, attain your goals, and be who you were meant to be. 

A personalized series of sessions will help you cleans old emotions and patterns to make way for lasting new changes.

Even if you’ve already tried everything you can think of, let hypnosis surprise you!

Please call me at (571) 207-7761 to discuss how I can help! 


7th Path Self Hypnosis® is a holistic approach combining the transformational power of hypnosis, meditation and spirituality. 

By first cleansing and neutralizing old programming and emotions, 7th Path helps you make the space for positive messages. 

Even if you are not a "spiritual" person, you can use this holistic approach.  7th Path helps you align with your true self, release your latent talents.  Try this fulfilling and joyful practice.

See  workshop schedule for upcoming dates.

Informing Soul

Working within the timeframe just prior to the soul’s incarnation, we can learn about your soul’s intentions for this lifetime, such as:

• Your role and purpose for this life
• How your major relationships are assisting in the achievement of your life’s purpose
• How any special challenges or struggles in this life are serving your greater purpose

The Informing Soul Technique is not an out-of-body experience, but a process of accessing a more spiritual perspective through the power of your subconscious mind.


A brief example of issues appropriate for hypnosis are:

  • “Too much behaviors” – eat too much, drink too much, shop too much
  • “Too much feelings” – too mad, too sad, too anxious, too stressed, too fearful
  • Bad habits – smoking, nail biting, procrastination
  • Fears and phobias – public speaking, flying, shyness
  • Pain management – with physician referral
  • Increase positive qualities – motivation, sports performance, test performance, self-confidence, concentration
  • Stress management
  • Children’s issues
  • Life’s Path questions
  • And many more!