we had the best Indian food we have ever had here at India Tavern.  Everything was fresh and extremely delicious.  None of our meals were overly greasy- trust me-I CAN'T stand greasy food!  The resturaunt itself was very clean, including the plates.  Our server was VERY attentive.


Layla R.  Denver


All that being said, India Tavern is about the best game in town in or around Tech Center.  The restaurant itself is cozy and lit via floor-to-ceiling picture windows, the artwork is modernized regionally-appropriate fare, tables are covered in white linen, and walls dark: definitely going for the urban standard, and they've hired attractive younger staff at both the bar and on the restaurant floor.  Service is swift and attentive, but if you're expecting typical Indian restaurant "hovercraft" waiters, you'll be sadly disappointed; these folks are slightly cool and stand-offish, but that being said, when my kids needed straws, or our water glasses dropped to a quarter full, our waiter was there.  These staffers are clearly comfortable with giving patrons a little independence of their own, and frankly, I prefer it that way if I'm trying to have an actual meaningful conversation with a lunch guest, or juggle hellions (i.e. my children) solo.

Having been a 21-+ year vegetarian, I consider myself a bit of an Indian food connoisseur, and on that front, India Tavern definitely doesn't disappoint.  The saag paneer is delicate and creamy and heady and delightful; the tikka masalaa delightfully spiced (even if the sauce is slightly thin).  I've found their curries to be consistently satisfying and yummy, and love the ready offerings of minted and tamarind chutnies... goodbye, India's Castle (which has TRULY been on the decline for the past 6-8 months, both food and service-wise): you used to be tops in my book, but there's a new favorite in town!  We've really enjoyed India Tavern the handful of times we've been in, and look forward to patronizing them for many lunches & dinners to come!


Cortney G - Castle Rock