"Dante and I started working together in the Spring of 2010. We worked together for over a year. I never had any intentions of becoming a supreme athlete but I wanted to get back to feeling good and find some inner strength to focus on what made me feel positive. Dante's combination of expertise with the physical body and his unique perspective on the mind/body connection fit very well with how I live my life. He was very supportive of my goals. We worked intensely at times on running, jumping and weights and other times on balance, stretching and core. He helped me back from two injuries and medical complications. Dante inspired me to get back to yoga which is my exercise of choice and made me realize how much I love spinning! I practice yoga 5-6 times a week now, on my own and in classes, and continue to work towards finding balance between food, body and mind. It's no doubt that Dante's support and effort made me love working my body and mind together. It's something that will be with me for a long time to come."
Tara Cordyack- YMCA 2011
I worked with Dante at the Reston YMCA.  He helped me tremendously in my goal to lose weight and improve my fitness by developing a custom workout program for me to follow.  Over the course of a few sessions, Dante evaluated my fitness and goals, and from there he created a set of 5 different workout routines that I was able to follow when working out own my own.  After that, Dante provided advice and guidance as needed, including using his knowledge and massage skills to identify and correct muscle problem that I had.  Overall, I met my goals, and Dante played a very significant part in that.  He did a great job for me, and did it with a great attitude and very supportive nature.  I highly recommended Dante.
Rob Garratt - YMCA 2011


Over the course of a year I met with Dante twice a week for a work out class at the YMCA. I don’t think Dante ever missed a class all year-he was someone I could always count on to provide a great work out. He has an upbeat and encouraging personality-pushing me to do my best and persuading me to do exercises and lift weights that I really didn’t think I was ready for. I left his classes feeling exhilarated. He’s very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition.
Claudia Thomspon Deahl- YMCA 2011