Proudly providing Surround Home Theater Systems, Stereo Systems, Multi-Room and Recording Systems as well as lighting and other design services in the Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, and surrounding North County areas.

Question ? What is the advantage of dealing with Dream Home Cinema rather than a local store?
Our approach is very different. First, we come to your place to look at the space where you want your home theater installed. Then we design a complete working solution based on your needs, and review the equipment and labor involved, with you. Only then will we order the necessary equipment, which we will deliver and install ourselves.
The Audio/Video equipment is getting more sophisticated every day. Only a trained professional, with a personal mission to keep on top of the technology will be able to make the most out of your Home Theater budget.
Question - Why should I use Dream Home Cinema rather than buy on-line?
First and foremost, Dream Home Cinema is here to provide you with a complete solution. From your dreams to an actual home theater will have pleasure using and sharing with your family and friends.
We design a complete, balanced, fairly priced system from the ground up for you, and when the installation is finished, each and every component will work at the top of its capabilities.
We are not finished till you know how to use the remote(s), and the sound and picture of your system are calibrated.
Question - How did you pick the brands in your line-up?
At Dream Home Cinema, our passion is Audio and Video. We have selected the brands in our line-up based on our own experience of what sounds great and what looks beautiful. Of course, with all the time in the world, we could not possibly have tested all the equipment in the line-up, but others have. So we rely heavily on magazine reviews, and users feed back as well.
The biggest difference between Dream Home Cinema and local stores or e-tailers is that we carry no stock, so when you ask for our advice, it will not be biased by the amount of equipment we need to move.
Question - What is the price on this item ?
At Dream Home Cinema, we do not have a store, a showroom, or the overhead that come with them. As a result, we can afford to give you excellent prices on the equipment you choose to purchase through us. Please call             (760) 415-5996       for detail.
If you have any questions that we have not answered, we'll be happy to do so, just e-mail us at