You're MY Miracle!   I wanted to say thank you for seeing me last Friday.  When I woke up that day I was in so much pain I said it was going to take a miracle for me to be able to work my wedding the next day.  After my adjustment, it was only hours until I felt almost 100% better.  At my wedding I completely forgot there was an injury at all.  I am so thankful!  You are Amazing!   Susie
Feeling Better!  I just wanted to write you an email to tell you how I feel today compared to how I felt when I wrote you on Tuesday of last week.  I am so happy today and know that what you have done for me has been a miracle (as far as I am concerned).  I went for a walk and it was hard at first, but, I decided to go just a little further.  After a bit, I started to move my hips and everything seemed to just feel better.  Now, two hours later, I feel really good, so I think that is a good sign.
I know that sometimes you only get that panic emails, but I hope this one makes you feel really good... just like I do!!
Hugs and thanks!  Terri 
Good Work!  I just want to sing your praises to the world - keep on with your good work.   Lynn & Ken C.   
Dr. Jill Changed My Life!  My visits to Dr. Jill have literally changed my life. I had used chiropractic in the past, but I was not aware of the type that she practices which can actually put the necessary curves back into your spine. I had been living with pain since I was 18 years old - for almost 20 years! I'll never forget the first morning I woke up and got out of bed and there was no pain. I started dancing around the house and laughing. You forget what it feels like to be pain-free.........and when you experience it again, it is pure joy. My friends tell me I look younger and lighter......well, I guess I would since I can finally hold my neck up correctly, exercise longer, and the pain lines on my face have disappeared!    Robyn S.
Back In No Time!  I pulled my back out last August, with terrible pain and muscle spasms. I was hopeless that I had to stay in bed for at least a week, which is a huge deal for me as a small business owner. However, Dr. Jill had me come in the first day it happened and started to work on the muscle tension and cramping. I felt better already the next day and stopped using pain killers! She was so concerned about me that she had me come in twice a day (morning and afternoon). I literally felt the difference when coming up from the table - I was without pain! I pulled my back out again last week. Horrible pain! Unbelievably, Dr. Jill fixed me within 3 days! It happended on Wednesday morning and on Friday I was almost ready to jump around again. This is an amazing doctor!