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Xtreme Health & Fitness Center - The Best Gym & Personal Training Studio in Loudoun County, VA!  (Leesburg, Lansdowne, Ashburn)  Visit Our State of the Art Gym and Exercise Your Way to Health!




An Xtremely Different Approach to Health & Fitness


Personal Training should be exactly that, personal. Our fitness center and trainers offer a specialized and personal touch that is missing from so many of the larger gyms. We start with a free evaluation and then develop a personal program tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Our personal training methods are designed to get you to the next level by offering specific exercises coupled with the right mix of encouragement and guidance.

Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, improve your strength or increase your fitness, we can help!


There are so many added benefits to a consistent structured exercise program. You can look forward to an improvement in your physical health, more restful sleep, weight loss, a reduction in stress and as the endorphins kick in, a great boost to your everyday mood.

We want you to look and feel better and can motivate you to get there and stay there.

Our clients find benefit from a weekly schedule with 2 or 3 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer. Your trainer will also develop additional workouts for you to continue on your own for faster progress.

Call us today, we promise to deliver an xtremely different approach to health and fitness!


Meet the Trainers


Mike Varron, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer


Mike is excited to bring his vision of wellness to Leesburg and the surrounding community through his own personal fitness studio, Xtreme Health & Fitness. His expertise in the field of exercise and fitness is vast. He gained experience working first as a certified personal training and then as partner and general manager for the fitness giant, Gold’s Gym. But Mike’s real dream was to focus on the personal attention that only a small, more intimate setting could offer. This was the start of Xtreme Health & Fitness.
Mike has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. His experience began with kickboxing, self-defense and weight lifting where he started as a competitor. As Mike continued to compete in this arena he realized his passion for helping others to improve their fitness and also helping others get to competition level.

Mike became a certified personal trainer and worked as a trainer and salesperson for Gold’s Gym. He continued to compete in Body Rock body building competitions while helping others increase their fitness. He then became partner and general manager of the Gold’s Gym in Leesburg, VA. His love of training others and helping clients reach their fitness goals took a more personal direction and Mike decided to open his own facility. He is excited to help his clients reach their goals through his training programs which offer a very personal and targeted approach. He prides himself on keeping up with the latest fitness science and technology and looks forward to sharing this with his clients.

Through a targeted fitness plan that is specifically designed to meet your needs, Mike can help you reach your lifetime goals for health and fitness. Come visit or call for a free evaluation and learn more about Mike’s quest to shape up the people of Loudoun County.



Robert Racek, Certified Personal Trainer


Robert is one of our most experienced trainers and he has worked in the fitness industry for over ten years. He has a degree in exercise science and has taken on demanding clients that need to look and feel their best for their professional success. These specialty clients work in the television, fashion, music and the food industries. If Robert can successfully keep these clients on track and in shape, he is more than ready to tackle your fitness challenges.
Robert can improve anyone’s fitness level and likes to work with a variety of clients. He is comfortable working with exercise beginners or the seasoned athlete that needs to alter their work out to improve their results. He truly enjoys showing people the health benefits of consistent exercise and fitness.

His specialties include corrective exercise, cardio & kick boxing, body weight resistance training and strength training. If you are interested in learning new exercises and strengthening moves, improving your balance, coordination and agility, please contact Robert at Xtreme Health & Fitness or come in for a free consultation with Robert or any one of our fitness professionals. Challenge yourself to a workout with Robert and you will be quickly motivated to do more.



Robert Matthews Jr., Certified Personal Trainer


Rob started his training career in 2003, after his freshmen year at Bridgewater College. He worked as a camp counselor and trainer for Mercury Speed, a well-known and respected speed and agility camp for kids. Under the guidance of owner Nick Savage, Rob gained the knowledge and skill to improve endurance, speed, quickness, and agility.

After college, Rob was hired by Mike Varron to work as a Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym in Leesburg, VA. With already having the knowledge of training for speed and agility Mike gave Rob the opportunity to learn and train the correct way for strength and muscle endurance.

While working at Gold’s Gym, Rob studied and took classes through the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA). Through this program he became knowledgeable on how to prepare proper workouts for his clients unique goals and needs.

During his journey of becoming Athletic Trainer, Rob was invited to the NFL Elite Scout Camp Combine for free agents. Scoring a 9.11 of 10 at the Combine put Rob in the drivers’ seat for a NFL career. Due to an injury, his NFL career was cut short. Many professional football opportunities came his way as recent as 2011 with the CFL & AFL. But, his focus has changed from Pro Football to personal training and coaching kids.