My husband and I have been patients at Alexander Chiropractic Neurology Center since October 2003. When I first came to the clinic, I had already had major back surgery in 1997 and suffered from severe migraines. Walking with pain had been a part of my life and I never expected it to ever go away. In the first six months of treatment, my back pain decreased by 60% and migraines by 50%. Continued treatment has resulted in significant decrease in migraines (1-2 per year) compared to 1-2 per month.

During my 4 years of treatment, I have had several knee injuries, which were all worked with and treated in a successful and positive way. In January 2007, I started IDD cervical treatment and then continued with IDD spinal treatment.

This treatment has made it possible for me to walk without back pain anymore,
which I lived with constantly since my back surgery in 1997, and the cervical treatment resolved many neck pain issues I was having, including my migraines, which now happen rarely if at all.

Had I not had IDD treatment, I would have had to have more back surgery and most likely had to have neck surgery at some point as the discs were deteriorating like my back had in 1997.

I`ve gotten a second chance at having a healthy, productive life because of the treatment I`ve received at Alexander Chiropractic Neurology Center. Without their understanding, knowledge, care, and progressive treatment, I would not be walking today.

I am 42 years old and look forward to many more years of a healthy life because of Dr. Keith, Dr. Diane, Debbie, and Marianne doing such fantastic,innovative, and considerate care at their office.

I recommend their office anytime someone asks me why I am doing so well and will continue to recommend them to anyone that asks. I teach music full time, teach private lessons, study piano privately, and bowl 3 nights a week. Without Dr. Keith and his office`s care, I couldn`t do what I do each day.

THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart. I live a better, healthy life every day due because of Alexander Chiropractic.

Jana T.