The raw materials and components we use at Old River Cabinets make all the difference. We work with the best, most innovative suppliers in the business and it shows. Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Bars, Home Office, Entertainment Centers, Bathrooms and so many other options...

WOOD. The wood we use is nothing short of incredible. Lyptus® is eucalyptus hardwood known for its aesthetics. It's fast-maturing and grown on managed farms to the highest standards of sustainability, making it as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. Lyptus is hard, durable and it accepts any finish that suits your project.

HARDWARE. Our cabinets also feature — not as an option, but standard — SoftClose hardware. Any one with kids can imagine the benefits of “slam-proof” drawers and cabinets. The specialized stainless hardware performs flawlessly, works invisibly and exudes quality.

GRANITE. At Old River Cabinets, we're also known for our breathtaking granite countertops. There's nothing more substantial and long lasting for your kitchen, bathroom or bar. Our experienced craftsmen know the subtleties of working with granite and how to bring it to life in your home. And most importantly, our granite countertops are cut and shaped in the same facility as our cabinets, making the fit and finish beautifully integrated and precise.