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Commerce Intelligence - The Best Small Business Strategy Consulting Firm in the DC Area!  We Can Help Your Business Thrive With Our Financial Planning, Strategy Implementation and Entrenpreneurial Advisory Services!


Our practice is located in Alexandria, VA, but we serve clients all over the DC area - cities like Arlington, Falls Church, Reston & McLean.


About Us

We help our clients build their “Business Model” in a way that it is sustainable and profitable allowing them to achieve their goals of financial freedom, time to enjoy life, and a business legacy.

What makes us distinguishable is our approach to modeling a business as a system.  Performance is a result of the integration of strategy, people, process and tools such as technology.  Each function and role must fit and support the greater business system including sales & marketing, operations, and finance.


Engaging us is easy and without risk.  We work through the Organization of Entrepreneurial Development, a 501(b)(c) non-profit, to provide initial advisory sessions pro-bono.  Only after these initial working sessions, do we evaluate together if there is a need and fit for us to work together under an agreement.



We believe that clients will obtain the greatest benefit when we act as a partner and the trusted advisor.  We take this to heart and know that we must continually be approachable, responsive, and direct with our clients.  We must be open to new ideas and ways of thinking, but at the same time bring our own new ideas, wisdom, and business knowledge.  We must always be looking for ways to mitigate risks for our clients and be committed not just to solving a specific problems but leaving them with a healthier organization.   

About the Principle:

Tom Schlossberg has built his career assessing business problems and implementing initiatives that delivered sustained growth and profitability.   He has a reputation for turning around troubled organizations and making them grow profitably.
Tom spent several years working for fortune 500 companies implementing new business and technology strategies and he has led strategic initiatives with the Department of Defense, but his passion is helping business owner’s work through obstacles to achieving their business and personal goals. 
Tom started his career analyzing sales and operational performance for CTC and RR Donnelley and Sons leading initiatives that recovered millions in lost profit and sales opportunities.   He led the turnaround of a multi-facility nationwide distribution operation headquartered in East Windsor, Connecticut that resulted in double digit margin improvements and a 28% revenue growth.  Tom provided DHL the leadership that saved a $20 million dollar project from failure.  He has helped numerous small and medium sized companies meet their objectives whether it be in growth, performance, or quality of life improvements for the ownership. 

Tom Schlossberg has his bachelor’s degree in Business from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.  He earned his MBA from the Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago Chile in alliance with Babson College.  He is certified as a Business Advisor, Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Manager, and


Our Services


Organizational Assessments -  No matter how good a leader or an organization is, they have a tendency to rush into informal conclusions about their own situation.   While they may be the expert in their business, they are also  subject to their own bias  and limitations.    Faulty assessments are costly and can be devastating to a business.
Strategic Planning and Execution – The importance of Strategic Planning is born out of the fact that every company has limited resources and must efficiently and effectively apply these resources to get them to their goals and achieve greater results.
Marketing and Sales Strategies –  A recognizable brand in the minds of your customers narrows the competition and provides focus to your sales efforts allowing quicker conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.
Operations Strategies and Delivery Systems – Companies that out perform their competition do so by design.  They use a systemized approach to delivering products and services that are lean, reliable, and focused on delivering high value to the customer.
Technology Strategies – Fewer than 40% of technology project achieve their desire results.  Many technologies promise but never deliver the efficiency and cost savings that are planned.  Technology projects need good business cases, fit well into the overall business system, and have a well defined implementation plan.
Strategic Partnering -  Because all companies have their own limitations, they should be seeking relationships with other companies and individuals that strengthen and expand their own capabilities. 

Financial Analysis – Your numbers should be telling you what’s working and not working in your business and be leading indicators of what is happening in your business.  Businesses that use their numbers only for reporting past performance or for compliance reasons are losing the real value of collecting accounting information.