About Geisha House North

Geisha House North Las Vegas - The Best Sushi, Sashimi and Japanese Steak House - Nellis AFB Personnel Receive a Discount!




Experience the excitement and distinctive flavors of our
authentic Japanese teppan-yaki ("iron plate cooking"),
prepared right at your table by knife-wielding chefs.



Do you love Hibachi Chicken and Steak?  Geisha House North is the place to be!  Featuring Naked Sushi and the Best Sake in Las Vegas!  Come Visit Us for Happy Hour!


Welcome to GEISHA HOUSE!!

The definition of Geisha in Japan is very high quality of traditional service provider.
Geisha Corp. always seeks and develops talented applicants for bright future.
Our goal is to compose better working environment, delivering improved customer care, and developing a creative dish. In Geisha House Steak & Sushi, the customers are its top priority, and its commitment is to provide them with a memorable dining experience.


Sample Menu Items:


Geisha Chef's Recommanded
Slicde Avocado' on top of Spicy tuna roll with cucumber & Garnished with Hawaiian Style of Poki
Inside : Spicy tuna, Cucmber
Outside : Avocade
Side : Poki (Tuna, Yellotail, Salmon, Red Snapper)
Fresh Tuna' on top of Spicy tuna roll with cucumber with masago spicy ponzu sauce
Inside : Spicy Tuna, Cucumber
Outside : Tuna, Spicy Ponzu
Rock & Roll Chef's Recommanded
Variouse sliced fresh fishes with gobo, and kaiware wrapped with Cucumber
Inside : Salmon, Seared Albacore, Tuna, Red Snapper, Avocado, Gobo, Kaiware, Avocado, Crab
Outside : Cucumber Wrap, Ponzu
Sexy Back <Salmon & Scallop lover>  
Fresh Salmon on top of the roll with big chunk of Scallop & Spicy crab.
Inside : Scallop, Spicy Crab, green onion
Outside : Salmon
Don't missed out our Quality Fish Combo on top of the california roll
Inside : California Roll
Outside : Tuna, Salmon, Yellotail, Shrimp, Avocado
007 <Shrimp Lover>  
Srimps are on top of the california roll. This is also called 'James Bond Roll'
Inside : California Roll
Outside : Shrimp, Avocado
What The Heck!! Chef's Recommanded
3 layers of Organic Chopped bell pepper with Onion, Avocado, and Spicy tuna on top of spicy Spider & Crab roll
Inside : Spider, Crab, Spicy, Masago
Outside : Spicy Tuna, Avocado, chopped Green, Red, Yellowtail Bell pepper and onion
Four Season Chef's Recommanded
Cube Tomatoe, Apple, Variouse fishes on california roll with Sweet and Sour Mayo
Inside : California Roll
Outside : Salmon Yellotail, Masago, Tomatoe, Apple, Green Onion
Sex on the Carrbbean <Mango Lover>  
4 different fruites (Mango, Fuji Apple, Orange, Cherry) are layered on top of Spicy tuna Crunch Roll
Inside : Spicy Tuna, Cucumber
Outside : Crunch, Fuji Apple, Mango, Orange, Cherry