About Ross Tree Service

Ross Tree Service - The Best Tree Removal Service in Northern Virginia!  30 Years of Experience!  Stump Grinding, Pruning, Trimming and Emergency Services!



Let Ross Tree Service take care of all your tree care needs. Serving VA, MD, DC since 1982 we committed to give your plants, trees and shrubs the care that they need to increase their healthy, lifespan and beauty, as well as add value to your home.

Ross Tree Service provides superior value and committed, reliable and professional Tree, Landscape and Plant Healthcare services for Residential and Commercial Properties in the Northen Virginia Area.

We specialize in complete tree service including Tree Trimming, state of the art Pruning, Removal, Tree Stump Removal, Fertilizing, Crown Maintenance, Cabling/Bracing, Urban Forest Management, Skid Steer, Emergency Storm Damage. We are serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC since 1982.

We service both commercial and residential clients.

Ross Tree Service company will give your landscaping that natural green look. We are Licensed, insured, and have very reasonable rates.

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Our Happy Customers Live all over Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland!  Cities like Fairfax, Chantilly, Ashburn, Falls Church, Bristow and Gainesville, VA.



Large or Small Tree Removal

With our equipment on hand, we can tackle the largest tree removal. We specialize in the removal of dangerous standing and fallen trees and have the equipment necessary to handle small or large jobs.

Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

Ross Tree Service's state-of-the-art tree stump grinding equipment makes quick work of stump removals. Using our large and small grinders, we can access even the most difficult to reach stumps. We grind most stumps to well below grade and, if instructed, remove the grindings and supply and spread topsoil. We quickly and safely remove old neglected large and small stumps as well as nuisance roots and path or patio lifting root stubs. We access the stumps in a careful manner and, if need be, use our plastic matting system to protect your turf. In all cases, we leave your site in a clean and orderly manner.


Part of our landscape services is ornamental pruning. We have a staff of experienced ornamental pruners who specialize in shaping and pruning out older neglected specimen evergreens and flowering trees.

Crown & Canopy Maintenance

Removing more than about 10% of live foliage from a mature tree can cause stress on the tree. To thin the canopy, remove 1/2-inch to 1-inch diameter stems from the edge of the canopy. Never clean out the interior of the tree by removing all of the small diameter branches attached to main branches and trunk


At Ross Tree Service, we visit your trees and specify the cabling and bracing needed. Our arborists examine and evaluate the main trunk and limb crotches for integrity and strength. We look closely for old and new wounds, wind tourge cracks, trunk rot, and lightning damage. We use approved anchors and thru bolts for tree cabling and are completely up-to-date with all new and more efficient materials and techniques.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

We are completely prepared to tackle any emergency large or small, from taking a fallen tree limb off your house to stabilizing a weakened tree to prevent damage to your house or property. We pride ourselves with our quick response time and most importantly, our safety record.


We give your trees a nutrient boost that gets them ready for the growing season. Fertilization helps to maintain the beauty and vitality of trees.

Skid Steer Services

Ross specializes in the whole tree mulching method, up to 1-8 inch trees with efficiency and larger periodically, which produces little ground disturbance while enriching the soil with the remaining mulch.  Our machines offer environmental and practical benefits that leaves the soil intact, eliminates burning, eliminates the cost of hauling and disposing of debris, eliminates soil erosion and run off problems associated with the conventional and destructive methods of clearing land through bulldozing and burning. 

Urban Forest Management

Is your tree management programs effective and cost efficient? Ross Tress Service will evaluate your current management practices and costs and identify opportunities to enhance your program and ensure you are meeting your tree management needs in the most cost efficient manner.

Permits to Prune and Trim Trees in or Adjacent to Highways and Rights-of-Ways

Required permits and standards for trimming and pruning trees in order to conserve them. VA. Code 33.1-371.1 and .2