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Corporate Overview

Insurance is not about policies and programs. It’s not about carriers and costs. It’s about trust and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re covered if the worst happens. That’s what Loudoun Insurance Group is all about.

For decades, we have been providing our clients with expert guidance, comprehensive industry knowledge, and an independent, open-source approach to finding the best policy available at the best price.

Our dedicated team of insurance professionals works with individuals, families, and businesses. We spend time understanding their insurance needs…evaluating their current plans…and then helping them achieve the proper coverage for protecting their assets and managing risk.

Coverage Lines

We offer individuals, families, and businesses comprehensive coverage options from myriad carriers:

Personal Insurance. Whatever your insurance need—auto, home, life, health, and more—Loudoun Insurance Group provides guidance and solutions to protect the people and things that are most important to you. LEARN MORE>

Business Insurance. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, Loudoun Insurance Group has the coverage you need to protect your assets and the benefits programs you need to attract and retain the best team. LEARN MORE>


Our Philosophy

At Loudoun Insurance Group, our philosophy is to earn our clients’ confidence and exceed their expectations by providing them with the solutions they need and the superior service they deserve. Our company is based on a set of key principles that guide us:

  • Service. We strive to consistently provide superior customer service with exceptional quality and the utmost integrity.
  • Independence. Our key role is to act as independent advisors to provide unbiased solutions that are customized to meet each client’s specific needs.
  • Guidance. Our approach is to educate our clients while providing thoughtful analysis, sound advice, and exceptional coverage.
  • Responsiveness. We are committed to being proactive, flexible, responsible service providers who approach every client with a sense of ownership and accountability.


Automotive Chances are, you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on auto insurance every year. When you stop to consider what a sizable part of your budget is spent on auto insurance, it makes sense to spend some time learning the basics. While not a detailed explanation of your auto insurance coverage, this guide is designed to help you make informed coverage decisions. Please check your policy for details of the coverage you have.

What if, while driving your car, you caused an accident that resulted in extensive property damage and serious injuries to yourself and/or others: Do you know for certain that your auto insurance coverage would pay for most medical expenses, repair bills, lawsuits, and court costs? Having the right coverage and limits can eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of losing your life savings.

In the final analysis, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know enough about auto insurance to select the best company and coverage for your needs.


Homeowner's Insurance

If you own your own home, then you'll want to protect not only your physical building, but all the things that are in your home, too. A standard home insurance policy will ensure that if a catastrophe such as a fire, vandalism, or theft occurs, then you will be properly protected and your valuables replaced.

You also need to think about protecting any other structures that exist on your property, such as a detached garage. In the event your home is damaged and you must temporarily move out, you might want to consider investing in insurance that will help pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as hotel rooms and food.

As a homeowner, you could be held liable for accidents that people have while on your property. What's more, you may accidentally damage other people's belongings either in your own home, or elsewhere. A well-structured home insurance plan will ensure you are covered for these unforeseeable events.


Life There are several different types of life insurance, all with a common purpose: to protect your loved ones from bearing a large financial burden in the event of your premature death. Your needs will change throughout your life, so it’s important to understand the basics and periodically review your coverage to ensure that it’s still right for you.

There are two basic types of life insurance:

If you purchase life insurance, the insurance company will pay a death benefit to the beneficiary or organization named in the policy when the holder dies. (In the case of temporary insurance, your death must be during the policy term.) The choice between temporary and permanent insurance will depend upon your personal goals and objectives.

How much life insurance do you need?

Life insurance is intended to provide for your family’s financial security, and can help bring peace of mind. Calculating the right amount of coverage to suit your situation can be difficult—and depends on your personal goals and objectives.

Most insurance companies recommend that your total life insurance coverage should equal to five-to-eight times your annual income. Many people use a combination of the types of life insurance listed below to meet changing needs over the course of a lifetime.



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Individual and family health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals and families, rather than to employer groups or organizations. Given the option, most people would prefer to have their employer provide group health insurance coverage. If this is not an option for you, it is still important for you to seek coverage. You may be pleasantly surprised with the variety and affordability of the individual and family health insurance options available.

Individual and family health insurance plans are usually described as either “indemnity” or “managed-care” plans. Put broadly, the major differences concern choice of healthcare providers, out-of-pocket costs, and how bills are paid.

Typically, indemnity plans offer a broader selection of healthcare providers than managed care plans. Indemnity plans pay their share of the costs for covered services only after they receive a bill (which means that you may have to pay up front and then obtain reimbursement from your health insurance company).

Managed-care plans typically make use of healthcare provider networks. Healthcare providers within a network agree to perform services for managed-care plan patients at pre-negotiated rates and will usually submit the claim to the insurance company for you. In general, you’ll have less paperwork and lower out-of-pocket costs with a managed care health insurance plan and a broader choice of healthcare providers with an indemnity plan. There are several different types of managed-care health insurance plans, including PPO and HMO plans:

  • PPO Plans. As a member of a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan, you’ll be encouraged to use the insurance company’s network of preferred doctors and hospitals. These healthcare providers have been contracted to provide services to the health insurance plan’s members at a discounted rate. You typically won’t be required to pick a primary care physician but will be able to see doctors and specialists within the network at your own discretion. You will probably have an annual deductible to pay before the insurance company starts covering your medical bills. You may also have a co-payment for certain services or be required to cover a certain percentage of the total charges for your medical bills. With a PPO plan, services rendered by an out-of-network physician are typically covered at a lower percentage than services rendered by a network physician.
  • HMO Plans. Though there are many variations, HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) plans typically enable members to have lower out-of-pocket healthcare expenses but also offer less flexibility in the choice of physicians or hospital than other health insurance plans. As a member of an HMO, you’ll be required to choose a primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP will take care of most of your healthcare needs. Before you can see a specialist, you’ll need to obtain a referral from your PCP. With an HMO you’ll likely have coverage for a broader range of preventive healthcare services than you would through another type of plan. You may not be required to pay a deductible before coverage starts and your co-payments will likely be minimal. With an HMO plan, you typically won’t have to submit any of your own claims to the insurance company. However, keep in mind that you’ll likely have no coverage whatsoever for services rendered by non-network providers or for services rendered without a proper referral from your PCP.

Business Regardless of your company’s size or industry, Loudoun Insurance Group has the insurance coverage you need to mitigate your risks, and the employee benefits programs you need to attract and retain the best team.

Our dedicated team of insurance professionals works with your business to customize best-in-class insurance solutions. We spend time understanding your needs…evaluating your current plans…and then helping you achieve the proper coverage to protect your assets and provide the optimum group benefits plan at the best possible price.

As a trusted insurance advisor, we provide expert guidance and cost-effective business insurance solutions for:

•    Group Benefits Plans
•    Property & Casualty Insurance
•    Business Vehicles Insurance
•    Business/Professional Liability Insurance

Our independent, open-source approach to insurance—working with numerous well-respected insurance carriers—means we can help you find the best policy available at the best price. Click here to see a list of representative carriers we partner with to serve all your insurance needs.