Blacktop Bootcamp, The Driving Arts Academy in Aldie, VA. provides exceptional driving techniques for your teen driver. Learn defensive skills from professionals. Serving the Loudoun County area in Ashburn, Aldie, Leesburg, and Sterling.


Who We Are

Blacktop Bootcamp Skid CarBlacktop Bootcamp, Incorporated is a company dedicated to teaching drivers advanced, life-saving driving techniques. We believe that the best way to survive a crash is to avoid having it in the first place.  To that end our students learn inside the classroom and inside the car.

In the classroom students are taught the physics behind driving; how and why a car behaves the way it does.  They learn how the laws of physics can work for and against them on the road.  Some things that continue to be taught in Driver's Education are contrary to the laws of physics.  We spend time "unlearning" some of the out-dated and incorrect teachings of traditional driver's education.

Make no mistake about it the only way to learn driving is by doing it.  Pilots don't learn to fly from watching a video. Unlike some courses we do not spend 8-hours watching propaganda videos. This is learning by doing. This alternating schedule of class time and on-course time ensures that students get first hand experience putting the accident avoidance techniques to use in their own cars.

When they are out on course students will drive with an experienced in-car instructor who provides invaluable feedback and guidance.  Our instructors are hand-picked from law enforcement, high-performance driving and racing communities.  They ride with each student ensuring that the techniques taught in class are being executed properly behind the wheel.

From behind the wheel of their own vehicle students use our accident avoidance simulator to practice making split-second decisions to avoid a "crash" and then put our techniques to work.  Students practice emergency maneuvers over and over to ensure mastery and muscle memory.

One of our most valuable teaching tools is our skid car.  To learn these skids on a normal car would require significant speed, a dedicated high-speed track and would be vastly more risky to the driver and the car.  The Blacktop Bootcamp skid car has outriggers on it that enable students to learn skid correction at very low speeds in a controlled environment.  An instructor controls the amount of traction available at either axle to induce skids on demand in any weather.  Through the use of the skid car students can feel what it is like to drive on rain, snow or ice in the middle of hot summer day!